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Selecting the Right Inverter: Maximizing the Value of C&I Energy Storage Systems

Each year power outages cost commercial and industrial businesses tens of billions of dollars in lost productivity. Of the over 3,500 power outages nationwide last year — two thirds of which lasted under 5 minutes — deploying energy storage systems capable of seamless transition to backup power could save American businesses tens of billions of dollars each year.

But in order to add the value of back-up power with energy storage systems used to defray demand charges for commercial and industrial businesses, the right inverter needs to be selected.

In this webinar, Dynapower’s Chip Palombini and Apurva Somani will address:

  • Considerations when selecting an inverter for commercial and industrial ESS
  • The benefits of seamless transition compared to through stop transition when integrating back up power in an ESS
  • Ability to scale ESS system as business needs grow
  • Cost for integrating and deploying back up power — it’s nominal.
  • Maximizing Single Phase Systems and reduce costs
  • Introduction of Dynapower and Samsung’s integrated energy storage solution.

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