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Breaking News: Energy Storage Installations Set to Soar As Battery Costs Drop

Global energy storage systems are set to grow exponentially from 9GW/17GWh deployed as of 2018 to 1,095GW/2,850GWh by 2040, according to BloombergNEF.

BNEF estimates that the 122-fold increase in energy storage will require $662 billion of investment.

In a report published on 7/31/19 by BNEF titled Energy Stoage Outlook 2019, the research company predicts a further halving of lithium-ion battery costs per kilowatt-hour by 2030.

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Jordan A. Davis

New Energy Storage Financing Program

Dynapower Announces New Financing Program to Accelerate the Adoption of Behind the Meter Energy Storage Nationwide

Dynapower is proud to announce the introduction of our brand new energy storage financing program. We’ve partnered with Lease Corporation of America to bring system integrators and buyers of energy storage systems a financing program that saves money and gets your new equipment up and running as soon as possible.

Our new energy storage financing covers the equipment purchase, installation, commissioning and training costs—up to 1 million dollars—all in one simple lease. Customers are also highly encouraged to take advantage of IRS Section 179 and deduct 100% of the cost of the energy storage equipment in the first year that the equipment is put into service. Use this free tax deduction calculator to see how much your business could be saving on new energy storage equipment.

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Jordan A. Davis

Energy Storage Microgrids: What You Need to Know

An increased focus on grid resiliency along with the proliferation of Distributed Energy Resources (DER)—such as solar and wind—has made microgrids a very attractive alternative to the traditional centralized grid system. Before diving in deeper, though, let’s take a look at what differentiates microgrids from the traditional grid system.

Essentially, microgrids are small collections of loads controlled locally by a limited number of DERs, as opposed to large centralized power systems—which are operated and controlled from a centralized authority. Large centralized power systems maintain system stability through top down control and the aggregated inertia of the system.

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Jordan A. Davis

The Benefits of Energy Storage for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Power management represents a critical area of interest for many industrial facilities. Energy costs can be a daunting operating expense for even small companies, so identifying economical options is a high priority for many managers and executives. One answer that has been growing in popularity and effectiveness is the installation of energy storage systems

Long-duration energy storage, in particular, poses many benefits for brands struggling with energy management. Implementing such systems offers heightened control over distributed energy resources, allowing businesses to save on demand charges, provide critical backup power to protect against grid outages, and incorporate renewables and energy storage to foster more sustainable and economically sound business practices. Read more

Jordan A. Davis

Renewable Energy Output Surpasses Coal for the First Time Ever

This past April marked the first month in U.S. history that renewable energy sources supplied more electricity than coal. Clean energy sources—including wind turbines, solar panels and hydroelectric dams—generated nearly 68.5 million megawatt-hours of power in April. Meanwhile, coal produced roughly 60 million megawatt-hours of power in the same time period, according to the Energy Information Administration (you can view the data here).


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Dynapower Helping To Power eVTOL Aviation Revolution

In a nondescript building adjacent to the Burlington International Airport and minutes away from Dynapower’s manufacturing facility in South Burlington, Vermont, a quiet aviation revolution is underway. Kyle Clark and his team at Beta Technologies are fast at work developing a battery-powered electric airplane that could revolutionize global aviation and personal transportation.

Dynapower is helping power that revolution with its energy storage power electronics.

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Dynapower and Raychem RPG Advance Indian Storage Market

This week Adam Knudsen, Dynapower President, joined partners from Raychem RPG in India, at the Renewable Energy India Expo, Asia’s largest and most influential event in the renewable energy market.

Dynapower and Raychem RPG joined forces in May to bring Dynapower’s energy storage inverter technology to India and neighboring SAARC countries. “Dynapower’s differentiated technology such as its patented Dynamic Transfer, their focus on solutions, and aggressive growth mindset aligns perfectly with the Raychem RPG business model,” said Ramani Kasi, Raychem RPG President & CEO.

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AC vs. DC Coupling For Solar Plus Energy Storage Projects

NORTH AMERICA currently has tens of gigawatts of installed utility-scale PV generation with many more gigawatts under construction. Utility-scale solar will only reach its fullest financial and energy generating potential with the addition of energy storage, however. The majority of utility-scale PV base could expand energy production and increase revenues with the addition of energy storage. Choosing the right topology is critical to maximizing the impact of coupling energy storage with utility-scale solar installations.

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First Storage-Only Certified Smart Inverter

South Burlington, VT – Dynapower, the global leader in energy storage inverters, and Intertek, a leading provider of quality solutions to industries worldwide, are proud to jointly announce that Dynapower’s MPS-250 is the first storage-only energy inverter to be confirmed by Intertek to meet the UL 1741 SA requirements for a “smart” inverter.

Compliance with this standard ensures that Dynapower’s MPS-250 smart inverter is California Rule 21 and Hawaii Rule 14H compliant through development of advanced inverter features. This was achieved by Dynapower through the use of Intertek’s SATELLITE™ Data Acceptance Program.

“Dynapower has always been on the forefront of energy storage inverter technology and we are extremely pleased and proud to receive confirmation from Intertek that our MPS-250 inverter meets the UL 1741 SA draft requirements,” said Chip Palombini, sales manager of the energy storage group at Dynapower. “Working through the Intertek SATELLITE program enabled Dynapower to have full control over the timeline of the compliance process.”

“Intertek is proud to work with global leaders like Dynapower to advance the energy industry through smart inverter functionality, enabling PV integration and improving grid resiliency, crucial steps toward smart grids and smart cities,” said Sunny Rai, Vice President of Renewable Energy at Intertek. “Dynapower’s storage-only energy inverters are the first confirmed by Intertek to meet the UL 1741 SA draft requirements, and they achieved this through Intertek’s SATELLITE program, which allows manufacturers to run more efficient compliance programs.”

In addition to the smart inverter features required by the new standard, Dynapower also incorporated Dynamic Transfer as a standard feature into the Generation 2 MPS-250. Dynamic Transfer enables a “backup power” mode of operation for energy storage systems.

About Dynapower

Dynapower is a global leader in the design and manufacture of power conversion equipment including high-power rectifiers, energy storage inverters, microgrid control systems and transformers. Dynapower provides power electronics solutions for energy storage, industrial, mining, military, and research applications. With more than 53 years of experience providing power electronics solutions to a global customer base, Dynapower’s product range includes discrete power electronics and fully integrated systems ranging from 100 kilowatts to 36 megawatts. Dynapower has more than 300 MW of the company’s high reliability, energy storage inverters deployed worldwide. For more information, visit:

About Intertek

Intertek is a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide. Our network of more than 1,000 laboratories and offices and over 40,000 people in more than 100 countries, delivers innovative and bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification solutions for our customers’ operations and supply chains.


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