Jordan A. Davis

As part of the North America Smart Energy Week, Solar Power International will be taking place in Salt Lake City from September 23rd through the 26th and Dynapower is proud to be a part of this excellent event.

Solar Power International will be hosting the largest gathering of solar industry professionals and vendors in the country. We will be posted up at Booth 3431 throughout the week and would love to discuss our next generation of energy storage systems with you!

Here are three reasons to come visit us at SPI.

Reason 1: Dynapower is a Leader in the Energy Storage Industry

At Dynapower, we are happy to have carved out our place in the energy storage market. In fact, we deployed the first ever DC-coupled solar storage plus system at Citrus Hill with Florida Power & Light.

Dynapower was also the first company in the nation to install a utility-scale solar plus storage installation in Rutland, VT with Green Mountain Power at Stafford Hill. This installation has helped GMP lower its rates and provides critical backup power in case of a grid outage.


Perhaps one of our biggest solar plus storage accomplishments was working with Tesla and Solar City to deploy solar-plus storage on the island of Tua allowing the island nation to be taken off the polluting diesel generators and run completely off renewables and batteries instead.

Needless to say, we are proud to be a leader in the energy storage industry and love helping customers harvest more energy while maximizing revenues.

Reason 2: We’re Releasing the Next Generation of Our Energy Storage Products

We are pleased to bring our next generation of energy storage inverters, converters and fully integrated systems to market during Solar Power International.

Our energy storage systems are value rich, feature smart and backed 24/7 by an industry-leading service group. We specialize in helping you store more energy when you need it while keeping your revenues high.


Our next gen products include the MPS-125 EHV, CPS-1500 and 3000 energy storage inverters as well as our DPS-500 DC-DC converters.

In addition to providing the most advanced and reliable energy storage inverters and DC to DC converters available today, Dynapower offers integrated AC and DC coupled energy storage systems for commercial and industrial as well as utility scale applications.

With some 600 MW of energy storage deployed worldwide for some of the world’s largest utilities and developers, Dynapower is a name you can trust to deliver an energy storage system that is optimally designed for your needs and one that will deliver today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Reason 3: Learn About Our Groundbreaking Technology 

From our patented Dynamic Transfer and Black Start to reverse configuration, advanced controls, and PV array grounding solutions–Dynapower has the technology, reliability and flexibility to help ensure the success of your energy storage installation.

Our energy systems feature integrated AC overcurrent protection, DC disconnects, DC input fuses, redundant HVAC cooling systems, fire suppression system, all AC and DC switchgear, DC pre-charge, Black Start (optional), Dynamic Transfer, system level integrating controller and battery enclosure.

Dynapower’s patented Black Start technology allows you to restore power to a “black” microgrid with a single command. Black Start enables your inverters to provide stable voltage and frequency, while also being able to start distribution networks with magnetizing loads (transformers and motor loads) that exceed the power rating of the energy storage system’s inverters.

We hope you’ll stop by to see us at Booth 3431 at Solar Power International. Of course, if you can’t make, you can always reach us here to discuss your energy storage needs!