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Spare Parts


Spare parts are much more than a form of insurance. Having the appropriate factory approved spare parts on hand and ready for use will assure maximum up-time for your rectifiers, inverters, and energy storage systems. 

Our spare parts are designed and selected for years of trouble-free use, especially when the installation and routine maintenance guidelines contained in our service manuals are followed. 

In the unlikely event of failure, please contact our spare parts specialist to obtain a full complement of spare parts to allow your equipment to be repaired promptly and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Dynapower is proud to supply thousands of spare parts, including Dynapower control boards, Rapid Power control boards, amp and volt meters, fuses, thermal switches, diodes, thyristors and potentiometers and much more. 

Our spare parts department is available to answer any questions as we recognize that with equipment that in some instances is many decades old sourcing the right part on your own can be difficult. We are here to save you time and money with our years of experience and expertise.

For immediate assistance, please contact our Spare Parts Hotline at (802) 860-7200 – or email parts@dynapower.com


Stable and accurate electronic control boards regulate power supply current and voltage output. Automatic cross over circuits allow the supply to accommodate dynamic load changes. The electronic boards are easy to install and calibrate.

Our thermal switch modules meet specific custom requirements including severe or unusual environments, high or low current applications, unusual temperature ranges and/or non-standard differentials and set point tolerances.

Fast acting fuses from 1 to 600 Amperes, 600 volts or less, that provide safe protection of control circuits and equipment. Time delay fuses from 1 to 30 Amperes, 250 volts or less, for protecting small motors, instruments and electronic circuitry. Time delay fuses from 1 to 20 Amperes, 500 volts or less, primarily used for protection of control transformers. Dual element fuses from 1 to 6000 Amperes, 6000 volts or less, for protection against heavy short circuits. These fuses have an interrupting capacity of up to 200,000 Amperes for protection of motors and branch circuits. Low voltage limiter fuses from 35 to 500 Amperes, 32 volts or less. These are window type fuses for isolating faults in low voltage power circuits.

SCRs allow precise control of the output. Like diodes, SCRs come in both hockey puck and stud mount styles. Voltage and current rating must be specified when ordering.

Don’t see the part you are looking for listed here? Call our Spare Parts Hotline at (802) 860-7200 – or email parts@dynapower.com to find out if we carry the part you are looking for.

Our parts are backed by extensive mechanical and electrical specifications and testing. These parts are supported by thorough test documents and documentation, which allows us to make your team more effective at maintaining your own facility to yield significant cost savings.

Dynapower spare parts are designed around the concept of simplicity and expedient repair. In fact, we’ve used our experience over the years to develop parts—such as our rectifier circuit boards which have specific terminal blocks to keep you from installing them incorrectly, saving you time and money in getting your equipment back online. 

In other words, if you’re not a maintenance guru, you can trust Dynapower to identify and deliver the parts you need on time along with easy-to-follow diagrams and product information. Typically, these parts are a small fraction of the cost of a new unit. And if you’re new to maintenance we can work alongside you to make sure you get the correct parts. 

And if you have one of our Preventative Maintenance plans, our sales and service techs can make calculated recommendations based on your units to determine exactly what parts you should keep in stock to make quick fixes to keep your processes running.

In fact, we’ve made great strides in recent years to make our spare parts as “cut and dried” as possible. This makes troubleshooting incredibly easy and if you run into any problems, we’re only a phone call away. 

For immediate assistance, please contact our Spare Parts Hotline at (802) 860-7200 – or email parts@dynapower.com

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