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RMA: Refurbishment, Repair & Upgrades

Dynapower is an industry leading rectifier manufacturer and aftermarket service provider. We can repair, upgrade or replace any outdated equipment and provide a cost-efficient and green solution that will increase the performance and longevity of your process.

Why You Should Consider Rectifier Refurbishment

Over long periods of time, it’s natural for certain parts such as circuit boards or semiconductors to degrade. It’s important to stay on top of your rectifier’s performance and maintenance to prevent issues such as loss of efficiency, system failure, injury or extended down time.

Our rectifier refurbishment program includes full cleaning and reassembly of the entire power system from top to bottom. You do NOT have to own a Dynapower or a Rapid Power rectifier to take advantage of our rectifier refurbishment program.

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Benefits of Rectifier Refurbishment

  • Save 30% to 60% from buying new while gaining improved reliability, efficiency and safety.
  • Longer equipment life, which includes complying with current safety standards and codes.
  • Integrating modern parts and controls to improve ease-of-use.
  • Standardized maintenance.
  • Smaller environmental impact.

If you’ve built your current system around an old rectifier, refurbishment is a great solution because we can work within your guidelines to save you much more money than you’d spend by buying a brand new custom rectifier with the exact size and specs for your process.

Why Dynapower’s In-House Rectifier Refurbishment Is Right for You

While we are happy to provide on-site rectifier assessment, Dynapower also offers a complete in-house refurbishment process with our state-of-the-art industry-leading test equipment.

We use return merchandise authorization (RMA) to ship and precisely track the unit for testing to our facility. Depending on the process and availability of units, we also loan rectifiers to customers who do not have backups. In some instances, we will cover the costs of freight, and in every case, we provide a timeframe and options for repair to our customers.

At Dynapower, we strive to maintain open relationships with our customers, consulting for their preferences at every stage and outlining the proposed steps, the work that will be completed and all deliverables. We work hard to meet requirements, deadlines and exceed customer expectations.

Most importantly, before a refurbished rectifier leaves the facility, it is tested to meet the modern standards of new rectifiers. Complete documentation of these tests can be provided to customers to corroborate the refurbished rectifier’s quality to partners or auditors. The test reports also double as a reference for repairs and quarterly maintenance checkups your technicians will perform during a normal PM cycle.

Dynapower Repairs & Upgrades

In addition to rectifier refurbishment, we’re also proud to support a full spectrum of repair offerings and upgrades for your rectifiers and energy storage components.

Our rectifier repair service is a reliable, “cut and dry” way to keep your system updated and functioning. While not as thorough as our rectifier refurbishment offering, you can still ensure that problem X is being fixed by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced technicians in the country.

Essentially, our repairs entail identifying and replacing whatever malfunctioning part on your piece of equipment that needs replacing. As always, we will be happy to make recommendations on what you can do to optimize your system to avoid potential repairs down the road.

Engineering Upgrades

A step-up from basic repairs, we use our experience and acumen to not only repair your rectifier, but exchange your old malfunctioning parts out with new, high-performing, safety-compliant parts.

Here is just a sampling of the potential engineering upgrades we offer:

  • Infrared Sight Glasses for remote heat readings
  • Door hinges and handles
  • Thermal warning circuits on bussing and devices
  • Controls upgrades
  • Discrete Faults alerts
  • Cooling loop bypass and maintenance circuit
  • Conductivity alarms
  • Automatic flow shutoffs
  • Leak sensors and detectors
  • Trigger fuses and indicators

To learn more about rectifier refurbishment, repairs and upgrades or request a quote, call (888) 998-2042 today!

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