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CALL US TODAY (802) 860-7200


Ensure Maximum Equipment Uptime and Performance

Dynapower’s preventative maintenance programs ensure that your equipment is inspected and adjusted on a regular basis, extending the reliable operating life of your equipment. Our preventative maintenance programs are designed to extend mean-time-between-failures (MTBF), raise overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), increase capacity and allow production to meet their schedules.

Our intimate component knowledge and understanding of the industrial processes that DC power supplies are used for gives us the ability to service every make and model of rectifier sold into the American markets. We can handle any job, big or small, high precision or high volume.

We’ve designed four tiers of preventative maintenance plans that bring our factory-trained technicians to your facility to work with you and your maintenance team to ensure the uptime and performance of your rectifiers, and the health of your business.

Call us at (802) 860-7200 to begin your preventative maintenance program today!


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Breakdown of Our Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Plans


Our Bronze level plan is designed for those customers who require cleaning and a majority of the electrical work outsourced. Our technician will perform the bulk of the inspection and cleaning and will load test the rectifier if the customer has the production availability.

Our Silver level plan is most useful to facilities who are actively planning maintenance cycles. Dynapower supports customers in planning the lifecycle of their equipment through transparent conversations and training on their equipment.

Our Gold level plan offers all the benefits of the Silver level plan, plus a full certificate program. Dynapower offers a third-party certification on each piece of gear that measures operating tolerance, accuracy of gauges and meters, and rectifier component performance.

Finally, our Platinum level of service offers full everything above plus full customization of your preventative maintenance plan. Whether it’s spare parts packages, emergency response or special pricing–this plan encompasses it all.

Call (802) 860-7200 or email saudy@dynapower.com to begin your preventative maintenance program today!

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