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Field Service

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Field Service Coordinator

Experience and Service You Can Trust

Dynapower field service proudly performs onsite:

  • Commissioning
  • Repairs
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Equipment Evaluation
Dynapower field service is available not only for Dynapower and Rapid Power Technologies equipment but also for most other rectifier manufacturer’s equipment.

Please call (802) 860-7200 or email service@dynapower.com to schedule an appointment today

Preventative Maintenance Programs

We recognize that the key to optimal performance and uptime of your equipment is in routine onsite visits. This is why our Dynapower Field Service team offers a variety of maintenance programs to fit your equipment and budgeting needs.

Dynapower’s preventive maintenance programs are designed to ensure that your equipment is inspected and adjusted on a regular basis, extending the reliable operating life of the equipment. Our goal is to prevent unnecessary equipment failures, ensure proper operation, and minimize your repair and operating costs. If potential problems are observed, corrective action may be taken during the preventive maintenance visit with approval of the customer.

The following steps are performed during a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance visit:

  • Evaluate operation of equipment
  • Inspect all connections
  • Check all interlocks
  • Check semiconductors and clamps
  • Calibrate voltmeters
  • Check all controls and indicators
  • Provide a report on current condition
  • Provide a suggested PM schedule
  • Perform operator and maintenance training

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Please call (802) 860-7200 for complete program details.

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