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From Emergency Repairs to Preventative Maintenance and Spare Parts – Dynapower Has You Covered

With over 55 years of experience in power conversion, Dynapower offers a variety of aftermarket services both onsite at your facility and at our 150,000 square foot facility to help ensure the reliable operation of your rectification and energy storage equipment. Please explore the services we offer below or contact us by submitting a request for a quote or calling us at 888-201-6223.


Dynapower Services

24/7 Technical Phone Support

Dynapower is there for you night and day — no matter where in the world you are – with our 24/7 telephone technical support. Get answers and help troubleshooting your equipment from a trained technician or engineer.

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Worldwide Field Services

Dynapower’s factory-trained technicians are available globally to provide services onsite including emergency repairs, commissioning, preventative maintenance, and hands-on training with equipment.

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Spare & Replacement Parts

Dynapower offers thousands of spare parts and spare parts packages for Dynapower, Rapid Power and other makes and models of rectifiers. Avoid costly downtime by keeping crucial spare parts on hand.

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Preventative Maintenance

Flexible programs that include regularly scheduled visits by Dynapower Repair Technicians to inspect and adjust equipment and provide customers with a detailed analysis and recommendations for corrective actions.

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Rectifier Refurbishment

Dynapower also offers complete refurbishment of Dynapower, Rapid and other major manufacturers equipment in our 150,000 square foot engineering and manufacturing facility in South Burlington, Vermont.

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Rectifier Training

Dynapower offers on and off-site training on the use and maintenance of Dynapower & Rapid rectifiers. Get the most from your equipment by learning from our over 50 years of experience in designing, building and servicing rectifiers.

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Dynapower’s 24/7 Technical Support 

Dynapower prides itself on being the only manufacturer of DC power supplies to offer  24/7 technical support line for both our rectifier and energy storage lines of equipment.

Customers simply call with their equipment information and our dispatch team will connect you with the appropriate team member to help solve whatever problem or question you may have.

We also offer technical support during odd hours of the night or in the morning. In other words, you are able to get the help you need exactly when you need it. 


Our 25-member technical support team is composed of field service technicians, their supervisors, technical support specific employees, product managers, customer service reps and a full complement of electrical and mechanical engineers. 

With over 55,000 pieces of equipment in the field, Dynapower has gone to great lengths to bolster our level of service responsiveness. Our technical support and knowledge is much deeper than a standard electrician or service house.

“We have real engineers, real technical support staff and real supervisors who can make decisions for you and your business and what the product should or should not be doing right there on the phone, which is unprecedented.” 

More than 95% of customers who call our technical support 24-hour line receive real technician advice and guidance to help bring their system back up online within 12 hours. If additional support is required, Dynapower will work to have a service technician at your location as soon as possible. Dynapower maintains an extensive team of service technicians stationed nationwide for deployment. 

As an example, for customers who have negotiated or chosen one of service contracts or preventative maintenance plans, Dynapower offers guaranteed “boots-on-the-ground” service in blocks such as 48 hours and even 36 hours. To learn more about our preventative maintenance plans, go here

Dynapower’s Worldwide Field Service  

Our field service team proudly performs onsite: 

  • Commissioning 
  • Repairs
  • Preventative Maintenance 
  • Equipment Evaluation

Dynapower field service is available not only for Dynapower and Rapid Power Technologies equipment but also for most other rectifier manufacturer’s equipment.

patrick-carroll-dynapowerOur worldwide field service team covers the entire United States and supports gear installed around the world in 38 countries. In 2019 alone, our field service engineers visited 18 different countries! 

Our field service team is backed by Dynapower’s extensive record keeping that goes back roughly 30 years. 

According to Repairs Supervisor Remington Schieffer, Dynapower’s data keeping includes power systems drawings, schematics, testing data, engineering records and documentation that can be made readily available to our field service team and to you as a customer. In fact, all of our records in total amount to roughly 5.5 million sheets of paper.  

“I’d say you’re 100% likely to have documentation on anything produced in the last 10 years,” Mr. Schieffer notes. “You’ve got a 95% chance of having documentation on anything produced in the last 20 years, and then it drops down to about 75% for documentation on rectifiers and power systems produced in the last 25 years.”

Also, when you negotiate a service contract or select one of preventative maintenance plans, you will be provided with a response time that will have a qualified Dynapower field service employee at your location within an expedited time-frame.

For customers that want the absolute best in terms of guaranteed uptime, guaranteed response time and emergency visits, our Platinum Preventative Maintenance plan is the way to go. You can review all of our preventative maintenance service plans here

Preventative Maintenance 

We offer a robust selection of preventative maintenance plans based on 20 years of the most commonly requested services from our customers.

“We’ve taken twenty years of people asking us to come take care of their facility, and we’ve narrowed it down to a couple plans for our customers to choose,” said Repairs Supervisor Remington Schieffer. 

predictive-maintenanceIn crafting our Preventative Maintenance plans, our team went above and beyond to ensure we are offering the most efficient and effective plans to keep your power conversion and energy storage equipment up and running. 

As always, safety is a major priority–which spurred us to incorporate requirements that customers have shared with us in recent years in terms of industry and quality standards. 

“While our preventative maintenance plans are based on twenty years of requests,  we’ve specifically paid attention to recent trends in the industry to make sure these plans will stand up in today’s market and help support our customer base moving forward,” Mr. Schieffer explained. 

In fact, we have several customers where we have a resident technician showing up every week, every other week or once a month to help support the company as a supplementary staff member to that business.

If you want the peace of mind and security that comes with knowing your systems are protected, well-maintained and in compliance with industry standards, then head to our Preventative Maintenance page and see which plan is best for your company

Dynapower has a proven track record of successful power conversion equipment maintenance and compliance regulation with major automotive, aerospace energy storage manufacturers such as Boeing, Ford, Tesla and NextERA Energy.

So, what about cost? As Mr. Schieffer is quick to point out, Dynapower’s Preventative Maintenance plans are designed to pay for themselves over time–all while keeping your process running smoothly and safely. 

“If you’re dealing with a fleet of equipment, it is literally pennies on the dollar to have our technicians come in and maintain the equipment, versus the length of time you’re going to have that equipment run.”

Go here to select the Preventative Maintenance plan that is right for YOU!

Dynapower’s Spare Parts 

When it comes to documentation and manufacturing capability, Dynapower is the proven leader of high-quality spare parts production for power conversion and energy storage. 

Our parts are backed by extensive mechanical and electrical specifications and testing. For self-sufficient facilities–who don’t need a preventative maintenance group to come in–we’re an added bonus that helps you make a bigger return on your investment.

Our documentation allows us to make your team more effective at maintaining your own facility. The spare parts that we have and the packages that we offer are designed for expedient repair and implementation.

Simple error proofing and checking are easy to determine because we only design our parts to take wires one particular way or in one particular pattern. Our circuit boards have specific terminal blocks that won’t even allow you to put them on different areas

“Our spare parts are designed to be easy to pull out and easy to put back on,” Mr. Schieffer adds. 

“They are a fraction of the cost of a new unit. If you have a preventative maintenance plan, we offer discounts on spare parts, and our sales and service techs can make a recommendation based on your fleet such as what you should keep in stock and what we normally keep in stock so that we can help offset your spare parts costs.”

Go here to learn more about our spare parts offerings!

Dynapower’s RMA: Refurbishment, Repair & Engineering Upgrades


Dynapower is an industry leading rectifier manufacturer and aftermarket service provider. We can repair, upgrade or replace any outdated equipment and provide a cost-efficient and green solution that will increase the performance and longevity of your process.

While rectifiers–especially those produced by Dynapower–are designed to last decades, understanding why, when and how to improve the life of your power systems is critical. For instance, certain parts such as semiconductors and circuit boards will naturally degrade over time and need to be repaired and replaced on schedule. 

Ignoring repairs or upgrades can potentially lead to much more costly problems such as a reduction in the efficiency of your manufacturing process, erroneous output data, system failure and even serious injury or death. 

Luckily, Dynapower is proud to give customers a wide variety of options for maintaining their power conversion and energy storage equipment. This includes three primary subsets in our RMA offerings: rectifier refurbishment, repairs and engineering upgrades. Let’s take a look at each. 

Rectifier Refurbishment

Our rectifier refurbishment program includes full cleaning and reassembly of the entire power system from top to bottom. You do NOT have to own a Dynapower or a Rapid Power rectifier to take advantage of our rectifier refurbishment program.

For customers not ready or unable to purchase a new rectifier that still want to get the most out of their existing fleet, refurbishment is a very attractive option. First, by choosing to refurbish your rectifier, you can experience increased reliability and efficiency while saving yourself roughly 30-60% on the cost it would take to purchase a new system. 

Refurbishing your rectifier can reduce your energy costs, extend your equipment life, standardize your maintenance procedures and actually become much easier to use thanks to our integration of more modern parts and controls. 

Choosing to use our on-site rectifier assessment program allows our Dynapower team to travel to your facility and perform diagnostic testing. Following the testing, we will provide you with a detailed report of each rectifier’s health, as well as priority-based recommendations for its maintenance.

More specialized testing procedures are only available in-house with our industry leading test equipment. 

In these situations, we use return merchandise authorization (RMA) to ship and precisely track the unit for testing to our facility. Depending on the process and availability of units, we also loan rectifiers to customers who do not have backups. 

In some instances, we will cover the costs of freight, and in every case, we provide a timeframe and options for repair to our customers.

We also offer refurbishment and repairs for energy storage systems as well. 

“We do test everything in-house before it ships,” said Energy Storage Service Leader Patrick Carroll. “We refurbished a unit that looked like it came from a landfill and it looks and functions like brand new now.”

For more on rectifier and energy storage refurbishment, go here

Rectifier & Energy Storage Repairs 

Our rectifier repair service is a reliable, “cut and dry” way to keep your system updated and functioning. While not as thorough as our rectifier refurbishment offering, you can still ensure that your issue is being fixed by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced technicians in the country. 

Essentially, our repairs entail identifying and replacing whatever malfunctioning part on your piece of equipment that needs replacing. As always, we will be happy to make recommendations on what you can do to optimize your system to avoid potential equipment problems down the road. 

Engineering Upgrades

A step-up from basic repairs, we use our experience and acumen to not only repair your rectifier, but exchange your old malfunctioning parts out with new, high-performing, safety-compliant parts. 

Here is just a sampling of the potential engineering upgrades we offer (go here for a full list): 

  • Infrared Sight Glasses for remote heat readings
  • Door hinges and handles
  • Thermal warning circuits on bussing and devices
  • Controls upgrades
  • Discrete Faults alerts
  • Cooling loop bypass and maintenance circuit
  • Conductivity alarms
  • Automatic flow shutoffs
  • Leak sensors and detectors
  • Trigger fuses and indicators

Go here to learn more about our RMA process, repair and upgrade options for your power conversion or energy storage equipment

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