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Rectifiers can last decades before needing replacement. But not all parts used to build this essential piece of equipment have the same life expectancies. Some circuit boards or semiconductors degrade as part of their natural life cycle, and will need to be replaced several times in the rectifier system’s lifetime. Leaving parts at their end of life installed in the rectifier can lead to:

  • Loss of efficiency
  • Loss of communication capabilities
  • Loss of operator control
  • System failure
  • Injury or even death

When any of these conditions arise, companies need to assess the source of the issue and decide the best course of action. Customers have a variety of options to maintain their equipment. Some are by choice, and others by necessity.

Customers can either replace the entire rectifier regardless of the integrity of the core components, upgrade the controls and functionality at time of part obsolescence, or refurbish the rectifier by cleaning and reassembling every square inch of the power supply, giving that “new rectifier smell.”


At Dynapower, we have a dedicated team of experts that can help you make that determination. We are proud to offer comprehensive remanufacturing services for existing rectifiers of any make or model and a state-of-the-art free on-site rectifier assessment program. Our program provides owners and maintenance teams with a detailed report of the health of each rectifier and priority-based maintenance recommendations to help increase the longevity of the system.

The Benefits of Refurbishing a Rectifier

Customers do not have to own a Dynapower or a Rapid Power rectifier to take advantage of our rectifier services; we offer our repair and refurbishing capabilities for all existing rectifiers, regardless of the model or manufacturer.

Refurbishing an existing rectifier provides many benefits to the customer, including:

  • Increased efficiency, safety, and reliability. These improvements are achieved while also saving 30% to 60% from buying new.
  • Ease of use. Integrating more modern parts and controls will update the rectifier, allowing it to communicate with newer rectifiers in a system.
  • Standardized maintenance. Pick and choose your upgrade to accommodate your company’s spare parts inventory, training capabilities, quality requirements, or ease of troubleshooting. It is far easier to work on equipment that matches the machine next to it than having no reference.
  • Extended equipment life. Modernizing the rectifier also helps to extend its service life. It also allows your equipment to comply with today’s safety standards and codes, reducing hazards to your employees.
  • Smaller environmental impact. Choosing to refurbish existing equipment rather than scrapping it is a much greener alternative as it minimizes the amount of retired equipment waste, does not utilize resources to build new equipment, and allows systems to return to optimal performance, reducing energy usage.

A refurbished rectifier is not only a cost-efficient and green solution; it is also a practical one. In many cases, end users have built their system around an old rectifier, which means that replacing a custom piece to the exact size and specifications would be very expensive. In this case, refurbishment is the rational choice.

Some customers purchase spare rectifiers to ensure that they never experience system outages. To facilitate these situations, they can refurbish an old rectifier to keep as a backup. Or we can build a new rectifier to start, provide high amp cables to allow for easier hookup, and have a technician on site to help swap out the old rectifier to minimize downtime.

Dynapower’s On-site Rectifier Assessment Program

Choosing to use our on-site rectifier assessment program allows our Dynapower team to travel to your facility and perform diagnostic testing. Following the testing, we will provide you with a detailed report of each rectifier’s health, as well as priority-based recommendations for its maintenance.

More specialized testing procedures are only available in-house with our industry leading test equipment. In these situations, we use return merchandise authorization (RMA) to ship and precisely track the unit for testing to our facility. Depending on the process and availability of units, we also loan rectifiers to customers who do not have backups. In some instances, we will cover the costs of freight, and in every case, we provide a timeframe and options for repair to our customers.


At Dynapower, we strive to maintain open relationships with our customers, consulting for their preferences at every stage and outlining the proposed steps, the work that will be completed and all deliverables. We work hard to meet requirements, deadlines and exceed customer expectations.

Most importantly, before a refurbished rectifier leaves the facility, it is tested to meet the modern standards of new rectifiers. Complete documentation of these tests can be provided to customers to corroborate the refurbished rectifier’s quality to partners or auditors. The test reports also double as a reference for repairs and quarterly maintenance checkups your technicians will perform during a normal PM cycle.

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Dynapower is an industry leading rectifier manufacturer and aftermarket service provider. We can repair, upgrade or replace any outdated equipment and provide a cost-efficient and green solution that will increase the performance and longevity of your process. We offer spare parts, on-site repairs, preventative maintenance, employee training, and free, 24/7 technical support services from a team of dedicated professionals.

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