water-cooled switchmode power supply
18V 1000A Water-Cooled SMPS
1000 to 10,000 switch mode power supply plating rectifiers water-cooled switchmode power supply
12V 3000A Water-Cooled SMPS
water-cooled switchmode power supply
12V 6000A Water-Cooled SMPS

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Dynapower offers the latest in water-cooled switchmode power supply, featuring an innovative design to provide users with an operational and installation advantage. Dyanapower’s water-cooled switchmode power supply is a flexible, easy to use rectifier with <2% AC RMS of full-scale ripple, 1% regulation over the operating range and a power factor of up to >0.99. Our high-efficiency, water-cooled switchmode power supply design offers a conversion efficiency that is greater than standard SCR type rectifiers with DC output capabilities of up to 900kW.

The high switching frequency enables a smaller package, less ripple, higher efficiency and provides for a faster control loop.

The water cooled design has been optimized to be as small as possible. All models are supplied with a NEMA 4X enclosure suitable for corrosive environments. Water cooled units include a touch-pad interface board allowing for advanced functions such as ramp, cycle, pulse, amp-hour counter and a program mode allowing any combination of these functions.  Numerous standard output ratings for both air and water cooled units are available in stock and readily available for shipment, with non-standard ratings and requirements designed to order.


Water-Cooled Switchmode Standard Configurations

Supply Voltage: 480 VAC  ± 10%, 60 Hz, 3 Phase
Output Voltage: Up to 36V (Custom higher outputs available)
Output Current: Up to 6000A (Custom higher outputs available)
Protection Class: NEMA 4X (designed to)
Power Factor: >.99 at rated output
Efficiency.89 at rated output
Ambient Temperature: 122° F max
Cooling: Water-cooled
• Water inlet temperature: not below actual dew point, but max 97° F
• Water Pressure: 20 psi
Control Precision:  Voltage/current < ± 1%
Output Ripple:  <2% AC RMS of full scale voltage & current from 10-100% of unit rating
Voltage Regulation: 1% from 10-100% of rated output
Current Regulation: 1% from 10-100% of rated output
Duty Ratio: Designed for continuous operation at rated output
Protection: Over-current, Over-voltage, Over-temperature, Short-circuit, IGBT Failure (results in unit shutdown)

All Water-Cooled Switchmode Power Supplies come with a standard Touchpad Controller. The Touchpad Controller is a programmable controller designed to be flexible, reliable, and user-friendly. Precision digital controls and intuitive recipe storage ensure users get the exact unit output required by their processes, making it quick and easy to automate.

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• Polarity Reversal
• Remote control box “basic version” with analog or digital meters and potentiometers for tank side control in
the event the switchmode is not co-located with the process tank
• RS-232 interface for control of one power supply
• Protocol compatibility with Profinet
• Touchscreen controller via Ethernet connection

Download the water-cooled SMPS datasheet by entering info below

Descargue el folleto de SMPS Overview ingresando la información a continuación