water-cooled switchmode power supply
18V 1000A Water-Cooled SMPS
1000 to 10,000 switch mode power supply plating rectifiers water-cooled switchmode power supply
12V 3000A Water-Cooled SMPS
water-cooled switchmode power supply
12V 6000A Water-Cooled SMPS

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Dynapower offers the latest in water-cooled switchmode DC power supplies, featuring an innovative design to provide users with an operational and installation advantage. Our water-cooled switchmode power supply is a flexible, easy to use rectifier with <2% AC RMS of full-scale ripple, 0.5% regulation over the operating range and a power factor of 0.93. Our high-efficiency switchmode design offers a conversion efficiency that is greater than standard SCR type rectifiers with DC output capabilities of up to 900kW.

The high switching frequency enables a smaller package, less ripple, higher efficiency and provides for a faster control loop.

The water cooled design has been optimized to be as small as possible. All models are supplied with a NEMA 4X enclosure suitable for corrosive environments. Water cooled units include a touch-pad interface board allowing for advanced functions such as ramp, cycle, pulse, amp-hour counter and a program mode allowing any combination of these functions.  Numerous standard output ratings for both air and water cooled units are available in stock and readily available for shipment, with non-standard ratings and requirements designed to order.

Standard Features:

• High efficiency ~90%
• Ripple content less than 2% AC RMS of full-scale rating over the full range of output
• 0.5% of full-scale regulation over the full range of output
• NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure allowing for operation in extremely caustic environments 
• Mountable where a standard remote control console is located
• Direct water-cooled
• Through panel circuit break disconnect
• Full status display
• Power factor of 0.93

Output Voltage Regulation:  +/-0.1% of full-scale voltage from 10-100% of unit rating
Output Current Regulation:  +/-0.1% of full-scale current from 10-100% of unit rating
Output Ripple:  <2% AC RMS of full scale voltage & current from 10-100% of unit rating
Operating Temperature:  10°C to 40°C [50°F a 104°F]

Dynapower set the standard for controls with digital a touchpad interface. The control touchpad is located on the front panel of the unit, and allows users to effortlessly make all output adjustments. Our touchpad interface is a flexible platform that is easy to use, programmable, and provides our customers precision control of their rectifier. The digital display with alpha-numeric readout and status indication offer the user an informative, easily read user interface.

• 4 digit, digital setpoint and run display of DC volts and DC amperes
• Precision voltage and current push-buttons with setpoint displays
• Start, stop, reset, manual/auto
• 2 line fault and operational status display
• Ramp setpoint adjust and run display in voltage or current modes
• Selectable time base of milliseconds, seconds, minutes, or hours
• Visual display time resolution of 00.0 sec/min/hr
• Amp-hour setpoint and run display
• Totalizer with 8 digit resolution
• 10 millisecond on/off pulse time capability
• Pulse in current or voltage mode
• 12 multi-step program capability, with 8 steps per program
• Operating modes may be run concurrently, allowing complex waveforms and reversing profiles
• Wall mountable remote control is available as an option

• Short circuit protected
• IGBT Fault shut down
• Over-temperature shut down

Seal: Air-tight gasket seal

The power supply features a fault diagnostic protection system that will automatically shut down the unit in the unlikely event that an over-temperature or IGBT fault condition exists. If a fault is detected, the microprocessor first verifies the fault, and then attempts to correct the condition. If the fault persists, the power supply will shut down.

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