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Dynapower offers the latest generation of air-cooled switchmode DC power supplies. Featuring an innovative design that provides operational and installation advantages, Dynapower air-cooled switchmode power supplies provide the reliability and functionality you need, while maximizing your space and cost savings.

The air-cooled switchmode DC power supply is a solid state AC to DC power conversion system. The system functions by first rectifying the AC input to an unregulated DC voltage. This intermediate DC voltage is then chopped using pulse-width modulation through an H-Bridge configuration into a high-frequency transformer. The output of the transformer is rectified and filtered to provide a precisely controlled high current DC output with <2% AC Vrms content. The high switching frequency enables a smaller package, less ripple, higher efficiency, and provides for a faster control loop.

10 AMP TO 100 AMP SERIES (Customizable)

AC Input: 100-125 VAC, 1 Ф, 50 / 60 Hz Output voltage & current:

Each unit in the 10 -100 ADC series is available in 6 or 12 VDC models.

18 & 30 V, 100A unit requiring a 220 VAC primary is also available.

Dimensions: 5.25” H x 19” W x 23.25 ” D

Weight: 45 lbs.

200 AMP TO 300 AMP SERIES (Customizable)

AC input: 190-250 VAC, 1 Ф, 50/60 Hz Output voltage & current:

Each unit in the 200 ADC is available in 6, 12 and 18 VDC. Each 300 ADC series unit is available in 6 or 12 VDC models. The 100A series is also available in 15 VDC and 18V DC models.

Dimensions: 5.25” H X 19” W x 23.25” D

Configuration: Bench top or rack mountable.

Weight: 45 lbs


  • Sealed electronics and electrical component compartment
  • NEMA 4x stainless steel enclosure
  • Digital microprocessor controlled
  • Standard remote analog interface control [4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC]

Output Voltage Regulation:  +/-0.5% of full scale voltage from 10-100% of unit rating
Output Current Regulation:  +/-0.5% of full scale current from 10-100% of unit rating.
Output Ripple:  <2% AC RMS of full scale voltage & current from 10-100% of unit rating
Operating Temperature:  0°C to 40°C [32°F to 104°F]

• Cycle timer
• Ampere-hour meter
• Reverse polarity
• Remote control console

Dynapower switchmode power supplies are designed to be simple to operate.  All output adjustments are made from the control keypad located on the front panel of the unit. Controls include:

• Power on/off switch
• Voltage and current set-point control push-buttons
• Alphanumeric display for voltage and current set-points
• Voltage and current mode indication lights
• Digital DC ammeter
• Digital DC voltmeter

• Short circuit protected
• Out-of-regulation shut down
• Over-temperature shut down Isolation
• DC Output to input AC Line 1500 VAC for 1 minute

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