Dynapower offers the Analog Control Package as the standard rectifier controller for silicon controlled rectifiers. Built to last, this analog rectifier controller can endure the harshest environments ensuring reliability and longevity. It has been designed to reduce as much unnecessary complexity as possible. This makes the Analog Control Package perfect for units powering processes that don not require specialized outputs. Use the start/stop push button to turn the unit on and off, and use the two potentiometers to control your voltage and current.

With reduced complexity comes a reduced size. Our analog rectifier controller’s compact design ensures that the controller takes up as little space as possible while still allowing for easy unit control and output readability. The Analog Control Package comes built into a standard remote console allowing for flexible controller placement. Custom control placement options are available upon request to accommodate other control location needs.

  • Analog displays for output  voltage and current
  • Potentiometers for automatic voltage and current control
  • Start/Stop push button with indicator light
  • Digital display for output voltage and current
  • Ramp rate adjust
  • Amp-hour totalizer
  • Cycle timer adjust
  • Alarms
  • Fault indication