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Dynapower designs and manufactures thyristor rectifiers and fast switching IGBT chopper rectifiers for large applications such as electrowinning, electrochemical, electrorefining, electroplating, and other specialized applications. These are available in 6, 12, 18, and 24 pulse sets with higher order combined systems available. Each multi-pulse arrangement is in an ANSI configuration that is selected for the voltage/current values of the application. The multi-pulse criteria is selected to reduce the supply side harmonic content, reduce output DC ripple, and provide improved regulation.

Dynapower’s high power chopper and thyristor rectifiers are engineered, designed, manufactured, and tested to internationally recognized standards including ANSI, IEEE, IEC, NEMA, UL, CSA, JEC, etc. Our design capabilities include the complete High Power Transformer Rectifier System – inclusive of fully integrated operator interfaces and control systems for a single unit or entire multi-unit SCADA network.

Our chopper and thyristor rectifiers may also be provided with auxiliary equipment as required by the specification, including switchgear, power factor correction, harmonic filters, heat exchangers, and free-standing cooling systems. The chopper rectifier designs consist of high-frequency switching technology in a modular design package that converts the transformer secondary AC voltage to a regulated output DC voltage. Larger power systems are constructed of multiple chopper modules to obtain the specified current requirements.

All systems feature:

  • Conservative design margins
  • Electrolytic pure copper bus work
  • Heavy gauge construction
  • Subsystem integration
  • High reliability and maintainability
  • Deep hole drilled copper heat sink (water cooled systems)

The chopper rectifier designs consist of high-frequency switching technology in a modular design package that converts the secondary AC voltage to a regulated output DC voltage. Larger power systems are constructed of multiple chopper modules to obtain the specified current requirements. Each section of modules has a separate set of sensing and protection and receives directions from the main chopper controller. This chopper conversion process has minimal effect on the incoming power system and a high power factor is maintained at the level of a fixed diode converter. The transformer section is configured to optimize the harmonics. The total module count results in a 12 pulse configuration as seen by the utility. The load sees a very smooth low ripple DC over the total range due to compact high-frequency output filtering. Dynapower designs and manufactures all the water cooled IGBT power modules used in our chopper rectifiers. A full control metering, monitoring, and fast protection scheme is integral to all Dynapower chopper rectifiers.

Dedicated fiber optic gate driver for each IGBT.

Independent IGBT current sensing.

Laminated copper bus designed to maintain a low bus impedance and low voltage overshoot.

Water-cooled copper for cooling the isolated modules to maintain low junction temperature.

Module heat sink plates are direct cooled by means of inner loop circulated water.

System is complete with flow detectors.

Modules each have heat sink over-temperature protection.

Conservative design margins with multiple parallel modules per section.

Symmetrical assemblies result in current balance controlled within +5%.

N-1 power module configuration is supplied.

Each IGBT has a coordinated semiconductor fuse with a visual indication of the activated fuse.

First IGBT fuse failure will alarm and failure of a second will result in an automatic current reduction or a trip signal being generated.

Dynapower designs and manufactures the complete rectifier control systems for use in our high power rectifier systems, including the main semiconductor controller, gate drivers and base conversion process control. The integration of this control with commercially available Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Personal Computers (PC) is used to produce a wide range of power rectifier system designs capable of analog or digital control using a variety of serial protocols. The communication network and operator interface may be designed to meet your system control and monitoring requirements.

• Email triggered by preset events or conditions such as process milestones like cycle completion, alarms, or faults with the logged information attached for analysis. Milestone, alarm or fault information can be instantaneously supplied to the customer to any email address.
• System and user-defined web page for monitoring.
• Data acquisition using various communication protocols.
• Data logging into and internal database.
• Data retrieval from an internal database on the remote monitoring storage system via FTP link.


Dynapower’s transformer products are custom designed to suit your overall system needs and include Oil Immersed Transformers, Dry Type Epoxy Cast Coil Transformers, and Dry Type Vacuum Pressure Impregnated (VPI) Transformers.  We design and manufacture complete custom transformer systems in-house. All of our transformers are manufactured using copper conductors and grain oriented silicon core steel. All transformers are designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with ANSI and IEEE standards, but other standards can also be considered as required by individual customers.

An overview of our custom transformer solutions can be found here.

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