Expandable Water-Cooled Switchmode Power Supply

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Dynapower offers the Expandable Water-Cooled Switchmode Power Supply as part of the latest generation of switchmode DC power supplies. Its modular design allows for the easy control of multiple separate processes or a single process requiring a higher output. Featuring an innovative design that provides users with operational and installation advantages, the Expandable Water-Cooled Switchmode Power Supply provides the reliability and functionality you need, while maximizing your space and cost savings.

The switchmode DC power supply is a solid state AC to DC power conversion system. The system functions by first rectifying the AC input to an unregulated DC voltage. This intermediate DC voltage is then chopped using pulse-width modulation through an H-Bridge configuration into a high-frequency transformer. The output of the transformer is rectified and filtered to provide a precisely controlled high current DC output with <2% AC Vrms content. The high switching frequency enables a smaller package, less ripple, higher efficiency, and provides for a faster control loop.


Expandable Water-Cooled Switchmode Standard Configurations

Supply Voltage: 480 VAC ± 10%, 60 Hz, 3 Phase
Dimensions: 39.5 x 39.5 x 68.5” / With bus bars 47 x 39.5 x 68.5”
Protection Class: NEMA 2 (designed to)
Power Factor: .93 throughout operating range
Efficiency: .90 @ rated output
Operating Temperature: 104° F/40° C maximum
Cooling: Water-cooled
     • Water inlet temperature: not below actual dew point, but max 97° F
     • Water Pressure: 20 psi
Control Precision:  Voltage/current < ± 1%
DC Ripple: 2% at ALL outputs
Voltage Regulation: 1% from 10-100% of rated output
Current Regulation: 1% from 10-100% of rated output
Duty Ratio: Designed for continuous operation at rated load
Protection: Over-Current, Over-Voltage, Over-Temperature, Short Circuit, Module Failure

The Expandable Water-Cooled Switchmode Power Supply comes with a standard Touchpad Controller. The Touchpad Controller is a programmable controller designed to be flexible, reliable, and user-friendly. Precision digital controls and intuitive recipe storage ensure users get the exact unit output required by their processes, making it quick and easy to automate.

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  • Polarity Reversal
  • N-1 protection for module redundancy. If a single module were to fail, this allows for unit to be able to operate at a lower output to prevent goods in the process of being finished from being damaged
  • Remote control box “basic version” with analog or digital potentiometers for tank side control in the event the Switchmode is not co-located with process tanks
  • RS-232 interface for control of one power supply
  • Protocol compatibility with Profinet or Ethernet/IP, etc.
  • Touchscreen controller via Ethernet connection