Air-Cooled Modular Switchmode Power Supply

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The air-cooled, modular switchmode power supply (SMPS) is the latest in Dynapower’s SMPS product line. Expandable up to 10,000 Amps, the modular SMPS offers similar features to our water-cooled power supplies, including pulse, ampere/hour mode, and ramp rate adjustment.  The sleek design includes gasket-sealed electronics and a robust package developed for use in industrial processes. Each unit can be automated in both local mode by simple keypad or remotely with an Ethernet interface. The power supply is designed for use in harsh environments for electrochemical applications such as metal finishing, waste recovery, machining, and electrochlorination, especially for applications where low ripple is a factor.

Supply Voltage: 480 VAC ± 10%, 60 Hz, 3 Phase
Output Voltage: 12V
Output Current: 1,000 to 10,000A
Module Dimensions: 7″ (H) x 22.5″ (W) x 29.25″ (D)
Full Unit Dimensions: 58″ (H) x 29.9375″ (W) x 26.25″ (D)
Protection Class: Sealed electronics
Power Factor: .93 throughout operating range
Efficiency: .90 at rated output
Ambient Temp: 104° F max
Cooling: Forced Air Cooling
Control Precision: Voltage/current < ± 1%
Output Ripple:  2% at all outputs
Voltage Regulation: 1% from 10-100% of rated output
Current Regulation: 1% from 10-100% of rated output
Duty Ratio: Designed for continuous operation at rated load
Protection: DC bus low voltage, DC bus over-voltage, output over-current, Primary over-temperature, Secondary over-temperature, Input over-voltage, Input unbalance, Output over-voltage

Dynapower’s modular switchmode power supply is designed to be easy to operate while still offering the flexibility to attain desired output. Controls include:

• Digital display with on-screen diagnostics
• Custom profile storage
• DC and pulse modes of 10 ms and greater
• Ramp, timer and amp/hour modes
• Sealed electronics

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