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Dynapower offers the latest generation of air and water-cooled switch mode DC power supplies in both standard and custom configurations. With bench top, rack mountable, wall mountable and modular options—our switch mode power supplies are suited for a variety of applications.
Featuring an innovative design that provides operational and installation advantages, Dynapower switch mode power supplies provide the reliability and functionality you need, while maximizing your space and cost savings.

RapidX Air-Cooled SMPS
500 to 10000 AMPS

A scalable, air-cooled, modular switchmode power supply containing individual modules that can be controlled independently to power separate process or combined together to power a single process needing a higher output.

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Dynapower Water-Cooled Switchmode Power Supplies

Water-Cooled SMPS
Up to 6000 AMPS

Optimized to be as small as possible, these wall mounted, water cooled switchmode power supplies provide the output you need, while taking up the least amount of space possible.

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Dynapower Air-Cooled Switchmode Power Supplies

Air-Cooled SMPS
10 to 300 AMPS

Ideal for small processes that don’t require a large output, these bench top/rack mountable switchmode power supplies provide a user-friendly, precision controlled solution in a compact package.

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What Sets Dynapower SMPS Units Apart?

Dynapower SMPS Units include:

  • Lower cost of operation (than traditional SCR Units)
  • Compact design (wall, rack & modular configurations)
  • Inherently low ripple
  • Higher full range efficiency
  • Higher full range power factor
  • Local and remote automation capabilities
  • CSA CE and third-party design and label models available

Our NEMA 4x stainless steel enclosures are meant to handle the chemical abuse and hang right on the wall or conveniently near your manufacturing process.

The controllers featured in Dynapower Switch Mode Power Supply units are some of the most advanced available today. These all-in-one controllers allow for process control, cycle function, voltage and current set-point control and digital DC ammeters and voltmeters. Typically, controls like these are system add-ons, but ours are built right into the base of the units.

Our SMPS rectifiers are also easy to troubleshoot since the controller will tell you exactly what’s wrong. This takes the guesswork out of maintenance and problem solving—which saves money and time.

In a perfect world, our SMPS units are designed to last roughly 20 years. However, depending on your water quality or equipment treatment, we’ve seen many customers get at least 10 years out of their SMPS units. The advantage of the Dynapower design allows you to pull out the power section of the SMPS with 4 screws – this allows for quick core replacements of the equipment, breathing new life into an aging Switchmode. This design allows for our Switchmode power supplies to run as long as our legendary SCR units – where other manufacturers require you to scrap the Switchmode and buy new, we can preform a repair and you are as good as new for a fraction of the price.

Dynapower Switchmode power supplies are designed for customers that need quality and individualized control in their manufacturing lines. Our units are versatile, space efficient, and easily integrated into your line.

What is a Switch Mode Power Supply?

The switch mode DC power supply is a solid-state AC to DC power conversion system. The system functions by first rectifying the AC input to an unregulated DC voltage. This intermediate DC voltage is then chopped using pulse-width modulation through an H-Bridge configuration into a high-frequency transformer.

The output of the transformer is rectified and filtered to provide a precisely controlled high current DC output with <3% AC Vrms content. The high switching frequency enables a smaller package, less ripple, higher efficiency, and provides for a faster, tighter regulation control.

Many customers have decided to forego traditional SCR units in favor of multiple power supplies that control each individual station in their manufacturing process. This reduces scrap costs and helps keep customers more agile and specialized in their processes.

New Rectifier Financing Programs

Dynapower is now offering low interest rectifier financing programs in partnership with Lease Corporation of America. Get the equipment you need now and pay for it over time. You can also take advantage of IRS Section 179 and deduct 100% of the cost leased or purchased equipment in the first year that the equipment is put into service, saving your business thousands of dollars on your tax bill.

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