Pre-Engineered SCR Rectifiers

Pre-Engineered SCRs

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Dynapower is pleased to offer an economy line of pre-engineered air and water-cooled SCR rectifiers that puts efficient, reliable power in your facility faster and at a substantial savings compared to a custom engineered SCR rectifier. Our pre-engineered rectifiers utilize the same quality materials, construction and extensive testing as do our custom-designed rectifiers — all built in our South Burlington, Vermont facility. If your power and cooling requirements fit into the below offerings, Dynapower is pleased to offer you the opportunity to save and still receive the same legendary Dynapower quality and reliability you have come to expect and rely on. Call us today to learn more. 1.802.860.7200.

Output Current:
Up to 6000 ADC for Air-Cooled and up to 10,000 ADC for Water-Cooled
Output Voltage
Up to 24 VDC
Air, direct water
Low loss grain oriented silicon steel cores, all copper conductors, 220°C insulation and design temperature rise <80°C
Duty Cycle
All Dynapower rectifiers are rated for 100% duty cycle continuous at up to 40°C ambient. Higher temperatures available upon request

Precision Electronic Controls: In protective, sealed enclosures, isolating them from aggressive atmospheres.

Automatic Voltage Stabilization: Maintains the output voltage constant to within ±0.5% of rated voltage from 0-100% of rated current.

Current Limiting: Prevents the output current from exceeding a factory preset limit.

Voltage Limiting: Prevents the output voltage from exceeding a factory preset limit.

Peak Current Overload Detector: The PCOD continuously monitors the DC output for short circuit conditions. In the event of a short circuit, the PCOD reduces the output to a safe level, protecting the power supply from potentially harming overload conditions.

Thermal Detectors: Strategically placed thermal detectors sense device temperatures and protect semiconductors and transformers.

Remote Control: Remote control consoles include start-stop push buttons, a power-on light, analog or digital displays and control potentiometers.

SCR Watchdog: A Dynapower exclusive, the SCR Watchdog continuously monitors each SCR. In the event of an SCR failure, the remaining SCRs are phased back and the AC power is removed. This feature protects the rest of the SCRs from failure.

  • Polarity Reversal – Solid-state reversing capabilities using a separate set of thyristors and electronics.
  • Protocol Compatibility with Profinet or Ethernet/IP, etc.
  • Reduced Ripple – Filter to reduce ripple to as low as 1% ripple of the operating set point.
  • Digital Ampere-Hour/Minute Meter – Totalizing, preset counter and solution metering configurations are available to meet process and EPA requirements
  • Variable Timer — Timers are available to turn the rectifier off, sound an alarm, illuminate a light (or any combination) at the end of a process cycle.
  • Variable Ramp – When AC power is applied to the rectifier, the DC output will ramp up from zero to the preset output over a specific time. Fifteen different ramp time ranges can be selected through a convenient DIP switch. The ramp time is variable from 1% to 100% of the selected range. When the predetermined output level is reached, the power supply will automatically maintain a constant output for the duration of the cycle.
  • Automatic Current Density Control – The DC output is varied in direct proportion to the load, maintaining an average current density over varying load sizes.

New Rectifier Financing Programs

Dynapower is now offering low interest rectifier financing programs in partnership with Lease Corporation of America. Get the equipment you need now and pay for it over time. You can also take advantage of IRS Section 179 and deduct 100% of the cost leased or purchased equipment in the first year that the equipment is put into service, saving your business thousands of dollars on your tax bill.

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