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SCR Rectifiers

Dynapower offers a full line of custom and pre-engineered air and water-cooled SCR rectifiers to keep your operations running smoothly. We have decades of experience in providing SCR rectifiers for a wide variety of applications that include metal finishing, anodizing, water treatment, crane duty, electrochemical applications, and battery formation.

At Dynapower, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver reliable, affordable rectifiers in addition to custom, purpose-driven solutions. This means we are not beholden to the economy of scale model that our competitors follow. Our rectifiers are built with premium parts that are meant to last.

With our purpose-driven designs, we take the time to engineer our solutions first and then we select the right parts to bring that design to life. Our rectifiers are designed with limited points of liability in mind. Less components equals less chances for things to go wrong—which in turn, makes rectifier maintenance that much easier.

We don’t take shortcuts. We don’t make concessions in our designs or the precision of what are systems are designed to do. This is why we’ve remained a leader in the field for nearly 60 years. We use high-quality parts and we thoroughly test those parts because it mitigates product failure.


  • Available in water and air-cooled designs
  • Available deep hole drilled silver plated copper bus bar
  • Various NEMA ratings are available to meet the protection rating best suited for your application
  • Protocol compatibility with Profinet or Ethernet/IP, etc
  • Designed to meet compliance, technical standards and electrical codes

When it comes to safety, Dynapower SCR rectifiers are ahead of the pack. Similar to our parts philosophy, we do not cut corners. In fact, we put safeties in systems where other manufacturers won’t.

Provided there’s minimal chemical exposure, our SCR units boast a minimum lifetime expectancy of 45-years. Even the varnish we use on our NEMA cabinets has a half-life of 63 years in lab grade environments. Dynapower’s rectifiers ensure years of maintenance-free operation and a long operating lifetime with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

When you have to service your fleet, you can rest assured that your Dynapower rectifier is repairable and easy to diagnose. Our products are designed to be the best value in the industry – which means easy repairs, cost effective spare parts packages, and integrated upgrades. Your equipment can grow with your company as industry and customer demands drive your growth.

The controllers on our rectifiers are both designed for service and precision. Our control systems are durable and easy to navigate and upgrade. We provide extensive documentation on how to maintain and operate your SCR rectifier and it’s subcomponents.

Pre-Engineered SCR Rectifiers

The same quality materials, construction and extensive testing as our custom-designed rectifiers, but at a substantial savings for processes that fit into certain power and cooling options.

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Custom SCR Rectifiers

Dynapower’s full line of custom air and water cooled silicon controlled rectifiers available in flexible voltage/current configurations to meet the needs of your application.

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New Rectifier Financing Programs

Dynapower is now offering rectifier financing programs in partnership with Lease Corporation of America. Get the equipment you need now and pay for it over time. You can also take advantage of IRS Section 179 and deduct 100% of the cost leased or purchased equipment in the first year that the equipment is put into service, saving your business thousands of dollars on your tax bill.

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