Multi-Unit Rectifier Controller

Dynapower’s new Multi-Unit Rectifier Controller can control between one and ten rectifiers from a single user-friendly touchscreen that can be centrally located in any facility.

The Multi-Unit Rectifier Controller works with both silicon controlled rectifiers and switchmode power supplies or a combination of up to ten Dynapower power supplies of varying sizes.

Dynapower’s Multi-Unit Rectifier Controller allows users to save time with the automation of recipes, fault diagnostics, and data logging of multiple rectifiers from a single touchscreen.

The Multi-Unit Rectifier Controller can be easily retrofitted to existing Dynapower rectifiers to modernize the control of your power supplies.

Program Mode: Up to 12 programs (8-steps) can be stored, copied and deleted. Steps include voltage/current ramping, constant and pulsing with voltage, time, and AH step limits. Steps can be jumped to and repeated to create complex waveforms. Program review shows all program parameters for each step on one screen for better overview of program.

To ensure all audit requirements are satisfied, the Multi-Unit Rectifier Controller features data logging for objective evidence. The data logging feature saves detailed DC voltage and current feedback & setpoint data and reports upon the completion of every successful finishing cycle. All history is easily accessible for download and review for record keeping.

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  • 12.1” Touchscreen interface (1024 x 768) for easy control
  • Graphic display for viewing unit output, set-point reference levels, status indication, setup, and special operating modes
  • Voltage and Current set-point adjust
  • Amp-hour totalizer with 9-digit resolution
  • Amp-hour count dousing cycle. Can program digital output to change state after ‘X’ Amp hours is reached and program output to stay energized for ‘t’ seconds.
  • Status screen showing all input and fault states
  • In depth active fault and history reports to quickly identify and diagnose faults
  • DC voltage and current feedback and setpoint trend display with cycle-based data logging
  • Polarity reversal function (when applicable rectifier hardware present)
  • Selection for customer remote interface (AUTO MODE) via Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP or Remote Analog (4-20mA/0-10VDC)
  • Temperature monitoring readback/fault capability (Contact Dynapower for more information on hardware requirements)
  • Ramp rate set-point adjust for both voltage and current modes
  • Amp-hour cycle-limit adjust
  • Pulse set-point adjust for both voltage and current modes
  • End of cycle indication
  • Cycle timer/voltage cycle limit adjust


  • Store up to 12 multi-step programs per rectifier
  • Each program contains up to 8 steps that include ramp, dwell, pulse, amp-hour, and cycle functions, step repeat/jump functions
  • Selectable time-base of milliseconds, seconds, minutes, or hours for all timers
  • Intuitive and visual interface to set up and review programs
  • Step repeat/jump parameters to allow for complex waveforms
  • Ability to copy and delete full programs
  • Programs and set-points automatically restored upon power-up
  • End of program indication