Anodizing Process Controller

The Anodizing Process Controller is part of Dynapower’s latest generation of rectifier controller technologies. Easily integrated into silicon controlled rectifiers, this anodizing controller offers users the ultimate control and automation of their anodizing processes. This ensures unbeatable quality control so you can be certain you will save time and run a more cost-effective operation by guaranteeing repeated correct coating thickness, reduced waste from excess coating, and eliminated need for additional anodizing due to inadequate thickness.

The Anodize Process Controller features several modes of operation including a profile mode, which allows users to create, store, and run custom recipes with multiple steps. These steps include ramp, dwell, and amp-hour functions, as well as current density options. This ensures you are always Nadcap compliant.

To ensure all audit requirements are satisfied, this anodizing controller features data logging for objective evidence. The data logging feature saves detailed event history reports upon the completion of every successful anodizing cycle. All history is easily accessible for download and review for record keeping and any military, aerospace, and Nadcap audit requirements.

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    • Touchscreen interface with graphic display for easy control and operation status viewing
    • Voltage/Current set-point, ramp rate, and dwell timer adjust
    • Automated temperature compensation for bath temperature fluctuation
    • Smart Fault – Abnormal condition detection for:
      • Burn Prevention
      • Bath Temperature Variance
      • Insufficient Output
      • Open Circuit
      • Short circuit
    • Machine Interlocks for
      • Over-temperature
      • Cooling malfunctions
      • Overload
    • Audible Alarming for
      • Cycle Pre-Finish
      • End of Cycle
      • Faults

Each controller automatically saves detailed event history logs upon the completion of every successful anodizing cycle. Users can download and review event history for record keeping and audit compliance. This ensures that your equipment is always running to the required specification and is Nadcap compliant.

The anodizing process controller not only automates your process, but improves product quality as well. With improved quality control, you get:

  • Reduced waste from excess coating
  • Consistent pore structure
  • Consistent thickness, eliminating the need for additional anodizing
  • Consistently pass quality tests
    • Taber abrasion
    • Salt spray
    • Rockwell hardness
    • Tape pull
  • Ripple monitoring and readout
  • Network interface for multi-unit integration