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Dynapower has continued to develop our rectifier controller packages to give users top of the line control over their processes. We offer a variety of controls to choose from to accommodate any process, from an analog package containing potentiometers, meters, and push-buttons, to a digital package containing a highly configurable and intuitive touchscreen. With user interaction and flexibility the main focus, Dynapower’s standard and specialty rectifier controller packages have been designed to help make automation easier than ever before.

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Analog Control Package

Perfect for processes that do not require specialized outputs, the Analog Control Package was designed to be as reliable and straightforward as possible ensuring you get the unit control you need while withstanding the harshest environments.

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Touchpad Controller

A programmable controller designed to be flexible, reliable, and user-friendly. Precision digital controls and intuitive recipe storage ensure users get the exact unit output required by their processes, making it quick and easy to automate.

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Touchscreen Controller

Touchscreen Controller

A programmable touchscreen controller designed to give users maximum control over their units. With an easy to navigate graphic display and user friendly recipe storage, automating your processes has never been faster or easier.

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Touchscreen Controller

Touchpad With Touchscreen

With all the features of the Touchpad and the unbeatable intuitiveness of the Touchscreen, this specialized controller package links the two controllers together for ultimate flexibility. Available as an upgrade to the standard Touchpad Controller package.

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Anodizing Controller

The ideal controller to automate anodizing processes, saving time, labor, and material. With several controller types to suit specific anodizing types as well as custom options for special processes, the Anodize Process Controller ensures Nadcap compliance.

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