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Multiple in One Power Supply

multiple output-in-one power supply

Dynapower’s multiple output-in-one power supply is a single enclosure with multiple independently controllable outputs. Air-cooled and water-cooled SCR and switchmode power supplies can be packaged so that multiple outputs, ranging from two to twelve, can be designed into one common enclosure. SCR and switchmode technologies can be blended together into a single enclosure to suit the different needs of varying applications as well. Our products ensure years of maintenance-free operation and a long operating lifetime with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

There are several advantages when considering a multiple output packaging approach to specifying power supplies:

  • Engineered to meet customer specifications
  • Available in SCR or switchmode technology
  • Air or water-cooled designs
  • Single AC connection and cooling lines for water-cooled equipment
  • Available with multiple outputs ranging from two to twenty
  • Analog and Serial Remote Interface options available
  • Lower installation costs
  • Less floor space required
  • Improved lead time and pricing
Application Example:

On a plating line that requires three separate tanks for which ripple correction is required, the ideal solution is to package a two-in-one SCR power supply for two of the applications with a switchmode power supply containing a low ripple content.  Other options may also be to add an internal LC filter to limit the ripple content to the desired specification for the plating tank and design the unit as a three-in-one SCR power supply.


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