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Control Upgrades for High Power Rectifiers

Upgrading to the Latest Control Systems Improves Plant Reliability, Safety, and Your Bottom Line

Dynapower’s digital control upgrades are a cost-effective means of improving the performance and extending the operating lifetime of high power rectifiers. High power rectifier control platforms are designed with specialized electronics that can become obsolete relatively quickly, while rectifier transformers can last decades. Digital control upgrades offer an alternative to complete rectifier replacement to improve the efficiency of many operations. Dynapower engineers typically recommend a control upgrade when the cost is less than 30% that of a new rectifier. Dynapower offers custom engineering and field service to modernize not only Dynapower and Rapid Power Technologies high power rectifiers, but all other rectifier manufacturers products including PEC, GE, InverPower, ABB, Siemens, Satcon, Robicon, Westinghouse and Neeltran rectifiers.

A Dynapower control upgrade can be completed with minimal downtime and interference with production.

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+ Optimized Rectifier Performance
+ Improved Maintenance Capabilities
+ Long-term Availability of Spare Parts
+ Long-term Availability of Engineering Support

A Dynapower control upgrade includes Dynapower engineer-directed evaluation, design, installation, testing, commissioning, and hands-on, on-site training for end users. Your staff will learn how to operate and maintain equipment, troubleshoot problems, and extend the lifetime of the equipment to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. The upgrade includes a user-friendly and intuitive touch screen operator panel. A complete set of documentation is developed and delivered by Dynapower and our engineering and support services are available before, during, and after the upgrade installation. 


Dynapower’s new HMI and PLC based Controller for high power rectifier systems includes all of the features found in our touch pad controller such as system status monitoring, cycle timing, pulsing, interlocks, plus additional benefits from a flexible software platform which can be customized to your specific application. Remote control can also be easily integrated using analog signals while Ethernet access and other means of communication can be used for connection to a network or multiple rectifiers.


  • Digital displays of output voltage, output current and output ripple
  • Precision set-point adjust push buttons with digital display of reference levels
  • Start, stop, reset, manual/auto select and polarity reversal [+/-] (reversing function optional)
  • Alpha-numeric display with back light for status indication, setup, and special operating modes
  • Ramp set-point adjust and run display
  • Ramp with base in voltage and current mode
  • Ramp to set-point
  • Cycle set-point adjust and run display
  • Selectable time base of milliseconds, seconds, minutes or hours
  • End of cycle alarm
  • Amp-hour set-point adjust and run display
  • Totalizer with 8-digit resolution
  • End of cycle alarm
  • Pulse set-point adjust and run display
  • Pulse with base in voltage or current mode
  • Program set-point adjust and run display
  • 17 multi-step programs with up to 8 steps per program
  • Selectable time-base of milliseconds, seconds, minutes or hours
  • Operating modes may be run concurrently allowing complex waveforms and reversing profiles
  • Set-Points and program parameters automatically restored upon power-up
  • Touchscreen interface may be mounted on the front door of the power supply or on a NEMA 4X remote console
  • Remote Interface via Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus or DeviceNet
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