High Power Thyristor Rectifiers

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Dynapower’s high power thyristor rectifiers have been designed for processes that require large voltages and currents. Featuring robust power electronics, each rectifier is guaranteed to be reliable, increasing longevity. High reliability means decreased maintenance. Only a basic maintenance check procedure is needed to ensure your rectifiers continue running, saving both time and maintenance repair costs. All high power thyristor rectifiers are custom designed to each unique customer’s needs, ensuring you get the exact rectifier your process requires.

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Supply Voltage:
Up to 69 kV VAC ±5%, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
Output Voltage:
Up to 1,200V (Custom higher outputs available)
Output Current:
Up to 100,000A (Custom higher outputs available)
Up to 24 pulse system
Ambient Temp:
Max  40°C
Protection Class:
Air or water-cooled with air to water or water to water heat exchangers
Control Precision:
Voltage/current ±1%
Regulation Range: 
Stepless at constant voltage or current 10-100%
Duty Ratio:
Designed for continuous operation at rated output
Available Protections: 
Over-Current, Over-Voltage, Over-Temperature, Short Circuit, Low Coolant and Coolant Leak (water-cooled only)

An intuitive touchscreen controller integrated with a programmable logic controller that features:

  • System protection
  • Dynamic unit response
  • Easy to browse menus
  • Stored alarm history
  • Stored voltage and current trend information
  • Stored coolant trend information