High Power Chopper Rectifiers

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Dynapower’s high power chopper rectifiers have been designed for processes that require large voltages and currents. Chopper technology offers several key  benefits over standard thyristor technology. The diode rectification used in chopper rectifiers results in a high power factor, eliminating the need for power factor correction equipment. Diode rectification also results in reduced harmonic effects, reducing the need for harmonic line filters. Ripple is also reduced by the use of IGBTs. With a constant ripple over the entire operating range (typically <2%), ripple filters are no longer needed.

Chopper rectifiers are a modular approach to rectification. This modular approach results in simplified transformer designs. It also makes maintenance easy if a module fails. Simply replace the module and get your unit running again in no time.  Simplified transformer designs paired with the elimination of power factor correction, equipment, harmonic filters, and ripple filters, the efficiency of chopper rectifiers are unbeatable.

Compared to their standard thyristor rectifier counterparts, chopper rectifiers also offer space and cost savings. With the reduction of additional equipment and simplified designs, less materials are required for each unit. This also reduces the overall size of the unit. This makes chopper rectifiers easier to install, getting your production up and running faster than ever before.

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Supply VoltageUp to 69 kV VAC ±5%, 50/60 Hz
Output VoltageUp to 1,200V (Custom higher outputs available)
Output CurrentUp to 100,000A (Custom higher outputs available)
PulseUp to 24 pulse system
Ambient TempMax  40°C
CoolingAir or water-cooled with air to water or water to water heat exchangers
Control PrecisionVoltage/current ±1%
Regulation RangeStepless at constant voltage or current 10-100%
Duty RatioDesigned for continuous operation at rated output
Available ProtectionsOver-Current, Over-Voltage, Over-Temperature, Short Circuit, Low Coolant and Coolant Leak (water-cooled only)

An intuitive touchscreen controller integrated with a programmable logic controller that features:

  • System protection
  • Dynamic unit response
  • Easy to browse menus
  • Stored alarm history
  • Stored voltage and current trend information
  • Stored coolant trend information