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High Power Chopper and Thyristor Rectifiers

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Dynapower designs and manufactures thyristor rectifiers and fast switching IGBT chopper rectifiers for large applications such as electrowinning, electrochemical, electrorefining, electroplating, and other specialized applications. These are available in 6, 12, 18, and 24 pulse sets with higher order combined systems available. Each multi-pulse arrangement is in an ANSI configuration that is selected for the voltage/current values of the application. The multi-pulse criteria is selected to reduce the supply side harmonic content, reduce output DC ripple, and provide improved regulation.

Dynapower’s high power chopper and thyristor rectifiers are engineered, designed, manufactured, and tested to internationally recognized standards including ANSI, IEEE, IEC, NEMA, UL, CSA, JEC, etc. Our design capabilities include the complete High Power Transformer Rectifier System – inclusive of fully integrated operator interfaces and control systems for a single unit or entire multi-unit SCADA network.

Our chopper and thyristor rectifiers may also be provided with auxiliary equipment as required by the specification, including switchgear, power factor correction, harmonic filters, heat exchangers, and free-standing cooling systems. The chopper rectifier designs consist of high-frequency switching technology in a modular design package that converts the transformer secondary AC voltage to a regulated output DC voltage. Larger power systems are constructed of multiple chopper modules to obtain the specified current requirements.

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Chopper Rectifiers

Dynapower’s high power chopper rectifiers have been designed for processes that require large voltages and currents. Chopper technology results in higher unit efficiency and power factor, as well as lower ripple and harmonics, resulting in both cost and space savings.

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Thyristor Rectifiers

Dynapower’s high power thyristor rectifiers have been designed for processes that require large voltages and currents. Featuring robust power electronics, each rectifier is guaranteed to be reliable, increasing longevity.

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