Hazardous Duty Rectifiers

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Each of Dynapower’s hazardous duty rectifiers are custom designed to suit each individual’s unique needs, ranging from unit functionality to rigorous safety standards. Maximum safety is at the forefront of every design. Rectifiers can be designed and built for any class, zone, protection, method, group, and temperature class combination for Atex hazardous area safety standards.

To ensure continued safety, each rectifier is designed to be as reliable as possible, continuing our tradition of industry leading reliability and longevity. With over 50 years of experience in creating custom rectifiers for a wide range of applications, you can ensure you’re getting a high quality, reliable, and safe rectifier.

Supply Voltage:
208-600 VAC ±5%,50/60 Hz, 3 Phase
Ambient Temp:
Max  40°C (higher temperatures upon request)
Water or oil
Control Precision:
Voltage/current ±1% (higher precision available upon request)
DC Ripple: 
<5% at full rated output
Regulation Range:
Stepless at constant voltage or current 10-100%
Duty Ratio:
Designed for continuous operation at rated output
Available Protections: 
Over Current, Over Voltage, Over Temperature, Short Circuit, Voltage Stabilization (±0.5%), Electronic Peak Current Detector, Step-Start Circuit on AC line
Enclosure Type: 
Stainless steel and equipped with air purge system. Unit is explosion proof.

  • Meters on the unit behind a viewing window designed specially for hazardous locations
  • Indicators built to withstand harsh environments on the unit
  • Remote control box connected to the unit via 4-20mA or ethernet allowing you to control the output of your unit
  • Protocol compatibility with Profinet or Ethernet/IP, etc.
  • Filter to reduce ripple to as low as 1%
  • Digital Ampere-Hour/Minute Meter
  • Variable Timer — turn off rectifier, sound an alarm, Illuminate a light at the end of process cycle
  • Variable Ramp