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Dynapower’s line of Color Anodizing Rectifiers includes the Unicolor, Trucolor, and AC Color anodizing power supplies. Each has been designed to consistently and reliably automate your two-step color anodizing processes. Dynapower Color Anodizing Rectifiers feature a touchscreen controller with intuitive menus and user-friendly navigation enabling you to easily control your process.

Store up to 24 color profiles in the controller’s memory to quickly recall recipes and ensure output consistency. With Dynapower’s Color Anodizing Rectifiers, your process is completed the same way every time, reducing costs resulting from inconsistent coloring.

Built to the highest standards, Dynapower’s Color Anodizing Rectifiers lead the industry for reliability and longevity and are backed by a comprehensive warranty and 24/7 support.

Supply Voltage:
460 VAC ±5%, 60 Hz, 1 Phase
Output Voltage:
Up to 40V
Output Current:
Up to 8,000A
Ambient Temp:
Max  40°C
Water cooled
Control Precision:
Voltage/current ±1%
Available Protections: 
Over-Current, Over-Voltage, Over-Temperature, Short Circuit, Cooling Leakage, Low Water Flow

Each color anodizing rectifier comes with a special touchscreen controller for controlling your color anodizing process. The controller includes:

  • Touchscreen interface for easy control
  • Graphic display for viewing unit output, set-point reference levels, status indication, setup, and special operating modes
  • Recipe storage containing up to 24 different profiles.

Depending on the color anodizing rectifier type, the recipe steps are different. The recipe steps for each rectifier type in the order they can be entered can be seen in the chart below.

  • DWELL: a timed segment where no voltage is applied to the load
  • PRETREAT: a timed segment where only positive voltage is applied to the load. The voltage may be ramped up.
  • AC: a sinusoidal voltage is applied to the load.
  • STAGE 1: a timed segment where equal positive and negative voltage is applied to the load. The voltage may be ramped up.
  • STAGE 2: a timed segment where unequal positive and negative voltage may be applied to the load.
  • Protocol compatibility with Profinet or Ethernet/IP, etc.
  • Filter to reduce ripple to as low as 1%
  • Digital Ampere-Hour/Minute Meter
  • Variable Timer – turn off rectifier, sound an alarm, illuminate a light at the end of the process cycle
  • Variable Ramp