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Dynapower has continued to develop our extensive line of standard and custom rectifiers by designing application specific rectifiers. From battery formation to ballast water treatment to color anodizing, chemical production and more, each unit is designed for your specific application and process. Ranging from low to high power outputs, rectifiers are available for any sized application and process. For more custom requirements, Dynapower works with you to custom design and build a rectifier specific to your needs. With several custom options available, you can choose your rectifiers controls, abilities, compatibility, and more to ensure you get the most out of your rectifier.


Ballast Water Treatment System Rectifier

Dynapower’s USCG And IMO approved rectifier for EC ballast water treatment systems is the most rugged and reliable marine-grade power supply on the market.

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Battery Formation Rectifiers

Battery Formation Rectifiers

Dynapower’s battery formation rectifiers are charge/discharge rectifiers designed specifically for the battery formation industry. Each rectifier is designed and built to the highest standards to ensure our industry leading reliability and longevity.

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Cathodic Protection Unit

Cathodic Protection Rectifiers

Dynapower’s Cathodic Protection Rectifiers have been designed specially for cathodic protection processes. From small to large scale operations, Dynapower’s Cathodic Protection Rectifiers are employed and trusted worldwide to ensure the prevention of metal corrosion.

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Polarization Rectifier

Polarization Rectifiers

Dynapower’s polarization rectifiers are carefully designed and constructed for each unique chemical process. In the event of an interruption to your main power supply, our polarization rectifiers provide uninterrupted power to your operation.

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Color Anodizing Rectifier

Color Anodizing Rectifiers

Dynapower’s line of color anodizing rectifiers includes the Unicolor, Trucolor, and AC Color anodizing power supplies. Each has been designed to consistently, easily, and reliably automate any of your two-step color anodizing processes.

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DC Crane Rectifier

DC Crane Rectifiers

Dynapower’s DC crane rectifiers are designed to power any DC crane operation, ensuring your operation is no longer limited by your power supply. Each rectifier is ensured to give you the best performance possible, increasing the efficiency of your operation.

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Hazardous Duty Rectifier

Hazardous Duty Rectifiers

Each of Dynapower’s hazardous duty rectifiers are custom designed to suit each individual’s unique needs. Rectifiers can be designed and built for any class, zone, protection, method, group, and temperature class combination for Atex hazardous area safety standards.

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