MPS-i125 EHV Integrated Energy Storage System

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The MPS®-i125 EHV is a 125kW behind the meter Energy Storage System that combines Dynapower’s highly efficient UL 1741 SA certified MPS®-125 EHV with Li-Ion batteries in a temperature controlled NEMA 3R-rated battery enclosure. The highly compact integrated system is easily deployed on a concrete pad, crushed stone or on the ground with a forklift and minimal labor, reducing system installation costs for integrators and system owners.

The 125kW Behind The Meter Energy Storage System features Dynapower’s proprietary Dynamic Transfer™ which, in the event of a grid disturbance, seamlessly switches a facility from grid-tied to battery backup power. MPS®-i125 EHV systems can be paralleled together to meet the sizing needs of any behind the meter installation. The MPS®-i125 EHV is capable of interoperation with other DER including solar, wind and diesel gen sets, and is able to operate in both grid-tied and microgrid applications.


  • MPS®-125 EHV Smart Energy Storage Inverter (UL 1741 SA)
  • Outdoor Rated, Climate Controlled NEMA 3R Enclosure for Batteries
  • Batteries – Configurable for 1, 2, 4, or 6-hour duration
  • All AC and DC Switchgear
  • Local Energy Storage Controller
  • AC Overcurrent Protection
  • Integrated DC Input Fuses
  • Redundant HVAC Cooling System
  • Direct Release Fire Suppression System 
  • DC Pre-Charge


BLACK START — In the event of a complete system power outage, Dynapower’s patented Black Start restores power to the facility without the need for external power. Dynapower’s Black Start technology can start distribution networks even with transformer magnetizing currents that exceed the power rating of the inverters. Multiple MPS®-i125 EHV units can be restarted at once.

E COMP— A Volt Var function that provides immediate and automatic voltage support to the grid.

F COMP— A Hz-Watt function that provides immediate and automatic frequency support to the grid.

DYNAMIC TRANSFER™ — Dynapower’s proprietary patented Dynamic Transfer algorithm monitors grid stability and, upon detecting a grid disturbance, disconnects from the grid and transitions to stand-alone battery backup power mode on the load connection. The transition is seamless to the critical loads and supports 100% phase imbalance in UF mode.

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DC Voltage

Max DC Current

740 – 1500 VDC

172 A

AC Line Voltage

AC Line Frequency

Continuous AC Current

Overload AC Current

Continuous AC Power

Power Factor

Current Harmonics

Roundtrip Efficiency

480 / 600 VAC 3 Phase

60 Hz

150 A RMS per MPS inverter

180 A RMS

125 kW (@480VAC) 150 kW (@600VAC) per MPS inverter

0 – 1.00 Leading or Lagging

IEEE 1547 Compliant, <5% TDD


Energy Rating

Power Rating


1, 2, 4, and 6 hour

MPS-i125 EHV: 125kW @ 480v 167kW @ 600v

Ul 1973 (Tray), UL 1642

Operating Temp


Rated Max Elevation


-35 to 50°C, De-rated from 45 to 50°C

Forced Air-Cooled

1,000 Meters Full Power; Up to 3,000 Meters with Derating

UL 3R / IP54 (outdoor)



IEEE 1547, UL 1741 SA

UL 1973 (Tray), UL 1642


  • AC Over Voltage
  • AC Under Voltage
  • AC Under Frequency
  • AC Over Frequency
  • AC Overload
  • Over-temperature
  • DC Over Voltage
  • DC Over Current

Safety Features

  • Anti-islanding with UL Compliant Trip Points
  • Hardware Over Current Protection
  • Surge Protection
  • Fire Suppression System

Energy Storage Financing Program

Dynapower has partnered with the Lease Corporation of America to create a low interest financing program for our energy storage systems. This program allows you to take advantage of IRS Section 179 and deduct 100% of the equipment cost in the first year that you put the equipment into service.

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MPS-i125 Applications

Discharge stored energy at times of peak demand to avoid or reduce utility demand charges.

Provide seamless backup power to your facility in the event of a grid interruption. This function can be standalone or tied to solar, wind or diesel gen sets.

Maximize the value of renewable assets like wind and solar by storing excess power for later use.

Shift energy consumption from one point in time to another to avoid paying high energy prices.

Discharge instantly in response to signals from a demand response administrator to alleviate peaks in system load.


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