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Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage Inverters & Integrated Systems

Behind-the-meter energy storage systems allow customers to store energy for later use. This on-site option enables them to economize energy costs while increasing efficiency, as the systems can keep excess energy during low-use periods and provide energy during peak demand times to reduce power costs. In addition to their primary function of storing energy, BTM installations facilitate several other operations, including seamless backup power distribution.

At Dynapower, we offer our Micro Power Systems® (MPS) line of industrial and commercial behind-the-meter energy storage inverters and energy storage systems. They are suitable for applications involving 480 VAC class grid-connected or microgrid behind-the-meter installations and are used in the optimization of energy transfer operations between DC energy storage systems and three-phase grid systems.

MPS®-125 EHV
125 kW Energy Storage Inverter

The MPS®-125 EHV is a transformerless 125kW modular inverter, featuring Dynapower’s Dynamic Transfer™ technology.

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MPS®-250 800V
250 kW Energy Storage Inverter

The MPS®-250 800V is a 250kW modular four-quadrant, energy storage inverter, featuring Dynapower’s Dynamic Transfer™ technology.

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Energy Storage System

A fully-integrated energy storage system featuring Dynapower’s MPS® inverters coupled with batteries in 1, 2, 4 and 6-hour configurations.

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MPS Features

  • Power conditioning, VAR support, standby UPS, and renewable generation capabilities
  • Indoor and outdoor configurations
  • Parallel placement capacities (to fit scaling power, demand response, and backup power needs)
  • Fully integrated controls
  • Switchgear and protection components—including AC contractors, AC circuit breakers, AC and DC fusing, DC load break contractors, and DC manual isolation switches—within a single industrial enclosure
  • UL 1741 SA compliance

Key Technologies

Black Start

Our patented Black Start technology provides power during an outage without external assistance. Even if the transformer magnetizing currents exceed the power rating of the inverters, Black Start can restart the distribution networks.

E Comp

This Volt Var function provides voltage support to the connected power grid.

F Comp

This Hz-Watt function provides frequency support to the connected power grid.

Dynamic Transfer

This patented algorithm automatically detects grid disturbances and seamlessly transitions to backup power for critical loads. In UF mode, it supports 100% phase imbalance.

Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage Applications

At Dynapower, we are trusted worldwide to provide affordable and efficient storage systems for behind-the-meter applications. Our energy installations find use across the globe powering island nations with renewable energy, providing critical backup power, creating microgrids, reducing power bills, and integrating renewable energy into the electric grid.

Within the industrial and commercial sectors, our energy storage solutions are widely used in these situations:

  • Demand charge reduction. Demand charges are caused by peak power demand (kW) and do not necessarily reflect the amount of energy (kWh) used throughout the month. Behind-the-meter energy storage releases extra energy during peak demand times so that demand charges may be reduced or eliminated.
  • Load shifting. Similar to reducing demand charges, load shifting helps to increase energy efficiency by analyzing consumption patterns and storage efficiency. This analysis determines when to charge and discharge stored energy.
  • Backup power. Loss of power can lead to significantly higher costs, both in revenue and critical operations. A good energy storage solution reduces these costs by providing a seamless transition from grid power to backup power.
  • Demand response. Moments of high power demand can spike power bills and cause strain on connected systems. Behind-the-meter storage provides backup power to support operations during peak demand times, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Renewable energy integration. Companies that utilize renewable energy from sources such as wind and solar are eligible for tax credits. Behind-the-meter energy storage works with these renewable sources, giving them the chance to go emissions-free, and increases their reliability, allowing for a pool of energy that is accessible when needed.
  • Microgrids. For companies looking to work off the grid—either in a remote location or during a power outage—integrated energy storage facilitates the creation of an independent power grid.

Why Choose Dynapower for Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage?

At Dynapower, we are a trusted provider of reliable, high-efficiency energy storage solutions. Founded in 1963, we have since commissioned over 600MW of energy storage units worldwide and sold over 50,000 pieces of power conversion equipment. Our solutions provide a significant return on investment (ROI) by increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.

When you use an energy storage system from Dynapower, you’ll also have access to 24/7 technical support from industry experts. Our team can assist you with preventative maintenance, servicing, and repairs around the world. 

Contact us today to learn more about how our energy storage systems can help your business.

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