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Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage Inverters


For 480 VAC class grid-connected or microgrid behind-the-meter energy storage applications, Dynapower offers its Micro Power Systems® (MPS) family of commercial and industrial energy storage inverters. Dynapower’s flexible and modular MPS®-125 EHV and MPS-250 800V products optimize the transfer of energy between a DC energy storage system and a three-phase grid. The MPS family provides power conditioning (voltage and frequency support), VAR support, & Standby UPS capabilities for intermittent loads, and renewable generation. Systems are available in indoor and outdoor configurations and have an industry leading low acoustic footprint.

Dynapower’s MPS® units integrate controls and a full complement of switchgear and protection including an AC circuit breaker, AC contractors, AC & DC Fusing, DC load break contactors, and a DC manual isolation switch into a single, heavy-duty industrial enclosure.

Multiple units are able to parallel to fit your scaling needs as well as demand response and backup power requirements. Dynapower MPS® inverters are UL 1741 SA.


BLACK START — In the event of a complete system power outage, Dynapower’s patented Black Start restores power to the facility without the need for external power. Dynapower’s Black Start technology can start distribution networks even with transformer magnetizing currents that exceed the power rating of the inverters. Multiple MPS® units can be restarted at once.

E COMP— A Volt Var function that provides immediate and automatic voltage support to the grid.

F COMP— A Hz-Watt function that provides immediate and automatic frequency support to the grid.

DYNAMIC TRANSFER™ — Dynapower’s proprietary patented Dynamic Transfer algorithm monitors grid stability and, upon detecting a grid disturbance, disconnects from the grid and transitions to stand-alone battery backup power mode on the load connection. The transition is seamless to the critical loads and supports 100% phase imbalance in UF mode.

MPS®-125 EHV
125 kW Energy Storage Inverter

The MPS®-125 EHV is a transformerless 125kW modular inverter, featuring Dynapower’s Dynamic Transfer™ technology.

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MPS®-250 800V
250 kW Energy Storage Inverter

The MPS®-250 800V is a 250kW modular four-quadrant, energy storage inverter, featuring Dynapower’s Dynamic Transfer™ technology.

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