100 kW behind-the-meter energy storage inverter utility grade microgrid 100 kW inverter Behind the Meter Energy Storage

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MPS-100 Inverter for Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage

For 480 VAC-class, grid-connected energy storage applications, Dynapower offers the patent-pending MPS-100, a 100 kW inverter from the Micro Power Systems® (MPS) family of behind the meter, four-quadrant, energy storage inverters.

Dynapower’s flexible and modular MPS-100 optimizes the transfer of energy between a DC energy storage system and a three phase grid. The MPS-100 provides power conditioning (voltage and frequency support), VAR support, and Standby UPS capabilities for intermittent loads and renewable generation. Systems are available in indoor and outdoor configurations. Multiple units can be paralleled in grid forming mode for microgrid applications.

The MPS-100 integrates controls and a full complement of switchgear and protection, including an AC circuit breaker, AC contactors, AC and DC fusing, DC load break contactors, and a DC manual isolation switch into a single, heavy duty industrial enclosure. This offers end users and energy storage integrators a cost advantage when compared to non-integrated systems that require additional add-on protection.



  • Low Acoustic Footprint
  • Parallel Operation in Grid Forming Mode
  • Integrated AC Breaker with Shunt Trip
  • Integrated DC Disconnect
  • Integrated DC Input Fuses
  • Cloud-based remote monitoring


Dynamic Transfer™ — Dynapower’s proprietary patented Dynamic Transfer algorithm monitors grid stability and, upon detecting a grid disturbance, disconnects from the grid and transitions to stand-alone mode on the load connection. The transition is seamless to the critical loads and supports 100% phase imbalance in UF mode.

Dynamic Transfer™ algorithm for 100 kW behind-the-meter energy storage inverter 100 kW inverter 100 kW solar plus storage inverter

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The patent-pending MPS-100 provides two modes of operation — Grid-Tied (PQ-mode) and Stand-Alone (UF mode). In the Grid-Tied mode, the patent-pending MPS-100 controls the AC output real power (P) and reactive power (Q). In Stand-Alone mode, the patent-pending MPS-100 controls the AC output voltage (U) and frequency (F). The system can be started in either mode and the transfer between modes is done dynamically. Advanced controls schemes for multi-unit and microgrid applications are available.

Dynapower’s state of the art control and monitoring platform provides operators with both local and remote operation of the system. In the remote operating mode, a communication link provides autonomous operator control via Ethernet, RS232, or RS485. For local control, Dynapower provides an Operator Interface Terminal (OIT) for error set commands and full system display status.

The patent-pending MPS-100 provides full system status information including AC output real & reactive power, AC output voltage & frequency and DC battery voltage and DC current readings to the remote operator through feedback signals or through the communication link (via an RTU or PLC). An on-board monitoring system captures error history and grid fault data. System operating information is displayed on the OIT in both local and remote modes of operation.

AC Over Voltage, AC Under Voltage, AC Under Frequency, AC Over Frequency, AC Overload, Over-tempature, DC Over Voltage, DC Over Current, Ground Fault

IEEE 1547, UL 1741, UL Listing

Anti-islanding with UL compliant trip points

DC Voltage
350 – 600 VDC
Max DC Current
300 A
DC Voltage Ripple

AC Line Voltage
480 VAC 3 Phase, +10%, -12%
AC Line Frequency
60 Hz (57-60.5 Hz) Field Settable
Continuous AC Current
120 A RMS
Overload AC Current
144 A RMS
Continuous AC Power
100 kW
Overload AC Power
120 kW
Power Factor
0 – 1.0 Leading or Lagging
Current Harmonics
IEEE 1547 Compliant, <5% TDD
Peak Efficiency

Operating Temp
-25 — 50°C
Forced Air Cooled
Rated Max Elevation
1,000 Meters Full Power
UL 3R (Outdoor)
Dimensions (HxWxD)
73” x 37” x 34” w/o transformer
1,545 lbs

Remote Communications
ModBus TCP, DNP3, IEC-61850

Remote Monitoring
DynaCloud™ – Real time monitoring with automated alerts and data logging

Analog I/O
3 Analog Inputs, 3 Analog Outputs

Digital I/O
3 Digital Inputs, 3 Relay Outputs

Download the MPS-100 datasheet by entering your info below