dry type transformers

Vacuum Pressure Impregnated Transformers

Air or Water Cooled, Environmentally Safe Dry Type Transformers

Dynapower is pleased to offer our line of open wound dry type transformers. Developed in the United States for our internal use as the heart of our rectifier products, these transformers are designed for long and reliable service life in rugged industrial applications. Designed to be cooled using air or water, these transformers are also environmentally safe, which benefits the end user.

  • Custom electrical and mechanical designs available primarily for Industrial rectifier applications
  • 10 kVA to 10 MVA  standard range with other options available
  • 600 V to 15 kV class voltages
  • 10 to 95 kV basic impulse levels
  • All coils wound with copper conductors
  • 150° C temperature rise levels standard with other options available
  • DuPont Nomex® UL recognized 220° C insulation system
  • During production, both primary and secondary windings are coated in polyester varnish and impregnated using a vacuum-pressure process and then baked to cure
  • Convection cooled, forced air and direct water cooling system available
  • Cores normally designed with a square cross section using a butt-lap joint design, fabricated from M6 grade grain oriented silicon steel. However, cruciform, step lap core, fabricated from other grades of steel are also available.
  • Normally designed as major components of our rectifier systems, but numerous NEMA and specialty enclosure options are available as required.
  • Nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) inspection and approval available