Oil Immersed Transformers

Built for Longevity in the Harshest of Conditions

oil immersed transformers

Dynapower’s line of oil immersed transformers was developed for our internal use as the heart of our larger rectifier products and are designed for long and reliable service life in rugged industrial applications.

Custom electrical and mechanical designs are available for industrial rectifier applications.

  • 1000 kVA to 30 MVA  standard range with other options available
  • 600 V to 69 kV class voltages
  • 10 to 250 kV basic impulse levels
  • 55° C temperature rise levels standard with other options available
  • All coils wound with copper conductors
  • Convection-cooled, forced-air and direct water cooling system available. Radiators provided on air-cooled systems while liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers with circulating systems are provided on liquid-cooled systems as required.
  • Cores normally designed with a square cross section using fabricated from M6 grade grain oriented silicon steel, although from other grades of steel and mechanical configurations are also available
  • Mineral oil standard, although other oils, including environmentally friendly vegetable based materials, are available upon request
  • Standard accessories for oil handling, maintenance, and other safety features standard
  • Primary and secondary bushings provided in appropriate terminal compartments as required
  • Numerous NEMA and specialty enclosure options are available as required
  • Nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) inspection and approval available