Dynapower developed our line of standard and custom transformers over 50 years ago when we first began manufacturing rectifiers. These technologies are designed and manufactured at our 150,000 square-foot vertically-integrated facility in South Burlington, Vermont. Our transformer products are custom designed to suit your overall system needs. With sales, design, manufacturing, and testing capabilities for these products in the same location, Dynapower fills a niche in the custom transformer market.

All of our transformers are wound using copper conductors, and core steel is cut in house. These transformers are designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with ANSI and IEEE standards. Other standards can also be considered as required by individual customers.

Dry Epoxy Cast

Epoxy cast coil transformers are manufactured by casting the windings into a solid mass of epoxy under vacuum using steel molds. This technology offers unparalleled mechanical strength by sealing the coils in an impervious casting of dielectric epoxy.

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Liquid Filled

Our liquid immersed product line was developed for larger and higher voltage applications where the benefits of dielectric oil allowed our rectifier systems to grow both in kVA and voltage class. These transformers are designed in specialty tanks for integration with our rectifier systems.

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Our open wound dry type transformers are most commonly applied as main components to our rectifier systems. These transformers are encapsulated using a vacuum pressure impregnation process with polyester varnish and can be cooled either by air or water.

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