Jordan A. Davis

A couple weeks ago, we published a piece on the different types of maintenance approaches for your rectifiers and industrial power systems. These included three types of maintenance: reactive maintenance, preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance.

In this piece, we highlighted the disadvantages of adopting a purely reactive maintenance approach and shed some light on the benefits of adopting a preventive maintenance and ultimately, a predictive maintenance approach.

To recap, preventive maintenance is primarily based on anticipating failures and updates based on manufacturer recommendations while predictive maintenance is all about using data analysis to dial in your machines to achieve the maximum lifetime value out of them and give you the greatest process and product possible.

Dynapower’s New Preventative Maintenance Services 

In order to better serve our customers and extend the life of their rectifiers, we have launched four brand new preventative maintenance offerings—bronze, silver, gold and platinum plans. You may be wondering, what exactly is the purpose of a preventative maintenance service and how can my business benefit from implementing one?

“Maintenance can impact production costs by thirty percent,” says Terry Wireman, author of World Class Maintenance Management. If that fact doesn’t pique your interest, we’d be very surprised.


We are able to service every make and model of rectifier sold into the American markets. We can handle any job, big or small, high precision or high volume.

So what makes a solid preventative maintenance program? First, an effective preventative maintenance plan extends mean-time-between-failures (MTBF), raises overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), increases capacity and allows production to meet their schedules.

Almost every operation has tried to implement a preventative maintenance program. The challenge is often finding qualified internal resouces and making programs stick.

Dynapower is here to help. We’ve designed four tiers of preventative maintenance plans that bring our factory-trained technicians to your facility to work with you and your maintenance team to ensure the uptime and performance of your rectifiers, and the health of your business.

Our intimate component knowledge and understanding of the industrial processes that DC power supplies are used for gives us the ability to service every make and model of rectifier sold into the American markets. We can handle any job, big or small, high precision or high volume.


Download the full PDF outlining the four tiers of preventative maintenance services here.

Bronze Level Plan

Our Bronze level plan is designed for those customers who require cleaning and a majority of the electrical work outsourced due to time constraints, planned downtime, lack of qualified personnel, or customer OEM maintenance requirements.

Our technician will perform the bulk of the inspection and cleaning and will load test the rectifier if the customer has the production availability. Training is minimal with site employees typically due to limited amount of production down time.

“This is paid for a la carte, and is as close to universal as it gets,” says  Dynapower’s Repairs Supervisor Remington Schieffer. “We come, we work, we leave and you get the confidence that the job was done right and that your rectifiers are performing optimally.”

Silver Level Plan

Our Silver level plan is most useful to facilities who are actively planning maintenance cycles. Dynapower supports customers in planning the lifecycle of their equipment through transparent conversations and training on their equipment.

“We also provide their customers with a safe, permanently installed test fixture for access to key health indicators inside the unit,” said Schieffer. “This helps a plant comply with current safety and best practices.”


Customers also receive access to our Rectifier Assessment Dashboards—which offer red, yellow or green statuses on their equipment condition. Green indicates a low production liability, low risk of breakdown, low safety risk to operators and high probability of maintaining control to produce good quality parts.

Yellow means the machine is beginning to slip in performance, either in calibration or in responsiveness, or maybe unsafe for people, process, or quality control. Yellow is identifying risks that should be handled now rather than letting them compound into much bigger problems.

Red means the unit is inoperable or in danger of catastrophic failure—which could be potentially dangerous to your people and/or costly to fix or replace.

Gold Level Plan 

This plan offers all the benefits of the Silver level plan, plus a full certificate program. Dynapower offers a third-party certification on each piece of gear that measures operating tolerance, accuracy of gauges and meters, and rectifier component performance. We also display ripple measurements and temperature tolerances of components and bussing connected to each rectifier. This tool works for you in two ways:


1) The certificate generated for each piece of equipment offers your customers a snapshot of performance while the unit is running. The measurements are taken during production (or similar processing loads) to provide an article of reference for future troubleshooting. This also gives you a point of reference for long term performance trends in your equipment. This is an engineer’s or maintenance man’s best friend.

2) The certificate program is compliant to most major industry standards, technical manufacturer specifications and military specs. This gives you a document to prove to an outside auditor that you have the checks and balances for your equipment, a contingency plan for non-compliant piece(s) of equipment and a process for determining between working and sub-optimal operating conditions.

Platinum Level Plan

Our Platinum level of service is the customization level of service.

“Do you have special needs or requests? Do you want spare parts to be included in the agreement? Do you want periodic training?” asks Schieffer. “The beauty of the platinum plan is that we start the conversation with the customer asking what they really need to fit their custom business needs, and we end it with a tailored plan to fit those needs.”

We have a variety of options to offer, including: spare parts packages, emergency response, remote monitoring, guaranteed response time, rental options, refurbishment cycles, special pricing on engineering upgrades and custom employee trainings ranging from line operators to engineers and managers.

Let’s take a look at how the Platinum plan works in action. Customer “A” needs strainers installed on their equipment due to rust flakes being cast into the water lines from an old building’s install. Customer “A” does not need certificates, but instead would like assistance in water line flushing and installation of those strainers over the course of the year.

Dynapower can special price the install and inspection/cleaning time into each visit to upgrade the line in shifts. Customer “A” gets the strainers, installation, cleaning they want—all non-standard to the normal PM cycles—while having a professional PM service and technician to go over the equipment.

Customer “B” is looking for training and PM guidance with their maintenance guys each time Dynapower is on site.

“We can orchestrate training and step-by-step repair instructions for their equipment, give a classroom training session each time we PM the equipment, and we can manage customer inventory levels to maximize customer uptime and responsiveness,” said Schieffer.

Both Customer “A” and Customer “B” required vastly different things to fit their individual company needs.

“With this service plan, we are able to creatively facilitate customer needs while delivering the highest customer service available.”

All makes and models of rectifiers are serviced under each plan. Click this link now or call 1.866.542.2998 to begin your preventative maintenance plan today!