Jordan A. Davis

When it comes to induction heating, precision is everything. That’s where iTherm Technologies comes in. iTherm manufactures unique induction heating power supplies and magnetic coil head assemblies at its factory in Vermont, USA for a wide variety of heating applications. 


These power supplies are all air-cooled and offer output power levels of up to 5-kilowatts. Each power supply utilizes HIG™ induction technology to deliver repeatable power with output precision to 1W regardless of coil type, configuration or load type. This technology—referred to as Harmonic Inductive Gain—uses a pulsed output signal rich in high frequency harmonics to deliver an intensely changing magnetic field, which allows for efficiency gains that permit air-cooled power supplies and coils to be realized.  


iTherm’s HIG™ technology offers the same “plug and play” design flexibility as resistive heating while maintaining the highest level of efficiency and reliability available with induction. In fact, this technology addresses all of the main concerns—improved yields through automation, reduced cycle time, increased repeatability and the removal of human error—that one could have in seeking out a reliable power supply. Essentially, HIG™ combines the advantages of inductive and resistive heating into one powerful technology 

“Our patented HIG technology produces an extremely accurate and repeatable heating cycle for sensitive heating applications,” said Peter Abele, iTherm’s Sales Leader. “Different coil styles can be used to best suit your unique electrical and physical application.” 

The HIG™ 1.4 is a 1kW induction heating power supply that is compact and air-cooled. The HIG™ 1.4 offers an unparalleled resolution of 0.1% throughout the entire power range, which gives the operator full control of the power delivered to the load. It also uses an internal Viper II smart control feature so you can make real-time adjustments in response to load changes such as property changes, movement or coil changes.  


The HIG™ 5.5 offers the same Viper II controls and monitoring system as the HIG™ 1.4; however this unit boasts an output capability of up 5kW. This unit uses a compartmentalized heat sink to protect from harsh environments. The HIG™ 5.5 also has an input circuit breaker and start-up timer to manage current draw.  

These power supplies are ideal for applications such as:  

  • Induction soldering 
  • Induction coax soldering 
  • Microwave connector soldering 
  • Photovoltaic bussing/tabbing soldering 
  • Threaded stud insertion 
  • Die heating for catheter tipping 
  • Induction heated transfer pipes for metal casting and much more 

iTherm will work with customers to determine the best combination of power supply and magnetic head assembly to properly heat their parts to their specification,” Mr. Abele added. “Some areas where we have found success include—heating dies to form and edge condition thermoplastics, soldering applications for items such as coax cable and spot heating of complex assemblies, and foil sealing on complex plastic assemblies.” 

Whether you’re using this technology for induction soldering or brazing (or trying to fulfill any induction heating requirement), iTherm likely has a solution to fit your needsThe company also offers custom solutions as well. Click here to view iTherm’s full product line-up!