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Military-Grade Power Electronics

Dynapower’s Military group is dedicated to supporting our US Defense Agencies, Primes and Small Business entities with military-grade power electronics. With a full complement of engineering staff — electrical, mechanical & testing — and a fully developed 150,000 square foot vertically integrated manufacturing facility, Dynapower provides design, development, manufacturing, testing and program management to ensure your requirements are fulfilled for any provided requirements or Statements of Work (SOW) for your military-grade power electronics.

Unlike many competitors whom only offer catalog products, Dynapower wants to earn your military-grade power electronics business. We are eager to get involved with your programs, to design and provide the best power conversion solution possible. We offer standard, specialized, and other variations of products as well as full bottom-up development of new products that meet your exact program needs, whether it be for a single unit prototype, a design, or bid and build programs with full rate production requirements.

A Sampling of Military-Grade Power Electronics Provided to US Military Installations:

  • Voltage Regulator Systems – US Navy Facilities
  • T-AKE Main Power Transformers – US Navy Ship Services
  • LHD-8 Transformers – US Navy Onboard Propulsion
  • LHA-6, 7 & 8 – US Navy Onboard Propulsion
  • 400 Hz Solid State Frequency Converters – Aircraft Support & Service
  • DC Support Systems — For Tank Training Facilities
  • DC Shore Power – On Board DC Equipment
  • DC Ground Power – Aircraft Starting
  • Magnetic Silencing Facilities – Surface and Drive-in Magnetic Silencing
  • 50/60 Hz Conversion Systems – Embassy Facilities
  • Rectifiers – MCLB for Motor Starting

For Further Information on Capabilities and Experience

Please contact James Barbero at jbarbero@dynapower.com

Dynapower has, and will, continue to support full military-proposed specification compliance when requested via a Statement of Work and agreement between the customer and Dynapower for:

  • Human Factors
  • Transportation
  • Sand / Dust / Humidity
  • MILSTD Requirements
  • CDRLs / SDRLs (Data Items & Reports)
  • FAT’s, ATP compliance
  • Temperature range


US-based inhouse engineering
Inhouse US-based Manufacturing

Experience You Can Trust

Dynapower creates optimum military-grade power electronics for the US military and its contractors, helping them to meet their power conversion needs. We provide engineering and maintenance services that fuel long-lasting and mutually rewarding relationships. We work with our partners to understand their power conversion needs and deliver military-grade power electronics perfection on time. This is crucial to the success and safety of our military.


With the leading uptime in the industry and a dedicated team of service technicians, we provide 24/7 technical phone support and a team of Dynapower technicians, able to be dispatched at a moment’s notice.

With over 50 years designing and building all manner of rectifiers, we have the experience and expertise you can trust.

The reliability and efficiency of our power conversion solutions coupled with our industry leading service make our customers more money in the long term.

We care deeply about solving the world’s most complex power conversion
challenges and providing our customers with the best solution possible.


SAM (System of Award Management)
Compliant and Registered Cage: 24970

Compliant where required/requested

Certification #M26785


Brazing Processes
Raytheon Approved Supplier Listing — AWS C3.4,

Welding Processes
Raytheon Approved Supplier – Stainless Steel Welding Certification to D 1.6


Solid State Frequency Converters

Applications: Militarized high-reliability SSFC for aviation, ground support or other programs.

50Hz, 60Hz & 400Hz in 120/208Vac, 240/400Vac, 277/480Vac and 690Vac Versions

  • Feed-forward algorithms for radar applications
  • Paralleling and integrated dynamic transfer technologies
  • DC, AC, and non-standard input configuration

Solid State SCR and DIODE Rectifiers

Applications: Rectification for programs requiring precision electronic controls in protective, sealed enclosures, isolating them from aggressive atmospheres.

Dynapower offers a full line of SCR & IGBT-based power supplies to meet all of your needs. We have extensive experience in supplying SCR and IGBT based rectifiers for a wide variety of applications, which can be provided with single or multiple DC outputs. With multiple cooling methods, Harmonic filtering (ripple available down to 1%), enclosures and host of cooling options, Dynapower will meet the rigorous demands of your requirements.

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Custom Transformers

Applications: Transformers are an electrical device that transfers energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction. Transformers are used to increase or decrease the alternating voltages within electric power applications.

Our transformer products are custom designed to suit your overall system needs.  With sales, design, manufacturing, and testing capabilities for these products in the same location, Dynapower fills a niche in the market. All of our transformers are wound using copper conductors and core steel is cut in house. These transformers are designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with ANSI and IEEE standards. Other standards can also be considered as required by individual customers.

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Energy Storage Inverters

Applications: Programs requiring energy storage, backup, surety, and security of your building or application electricity in the event the public utility has a loss of services.

  • Full line of ultrafast, bi-directional energy storage inverters for use with energy storage systems ranging from 100kW – 2.5 MVA
  • Energy storage inverter systems utilize state of the art digital controllers for management of real & reactive power, system monitoring and system protection.
  • IEEE and UL1741 compliant, offer sub-cycle response with zero voltage ride through and can be operated in grid tied or stand alone modes.
  • 4 decades of industrial and utility system experience, Dynapower Company provides the highest quality power conversion equipment in the market

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Switchmode Power Supply

Applications: For use where precisely controlled DC is required with a smaller footprint requirement. Switchmode Power Supplies can also be used within any application that requires rectification of the AC to DC.

Water or Air Air-Cooled:

  • 10 AMP TO 100 AMP SERIES AC Input: 100-125 VAC, 1 Ф, 50 / 60 Hz Each unit in the 10-100ADC series is available in 6, 12, or 15VDC models. A 30V, 100A unit requiring a 230VAC primary is also available in this series.
  • 200 AMP TO 300 AMP SERIES AC input: 190-250 VAC, 1 Ф, 50/60 Hz Output voltage & current: Each unit in the 200ADC & 300ADC series is available in 6 or 12 VDC models. The 200A series is also available in 15VDC and 18VDC models.
  • 500 AMP TO 1000 AMP SERIE AC input: 480 VAC, 3 Ф, 60 Hz Output voltage & current: Each unit in the 500ADC & 1000 ADC series is available in 6 or 12 VDC models.

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