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of Power Conversion Solutions since 1963

Dynapower is the Leading Manufacturer of Custom Metal Finishing Rectifiers

Metal Finishing SCR Rectifiers – Switchmode Power Supplies

Dynapower offers a full line of custom and standard solutions in SCR and Switchmode technology. We have extensive experience with providing equipment to the Metal Finishing industry. Dynapower offers rugged designs intended for use in industrial environments. Each of our products is offered with an industry-leading factory warranty and 24-hour technical support.


US-based inhouse engineering
Inhouse US-based Manufacturing


Dynapower has over 50 years of experience creating optimal rectifier solutions for metal finishers worldwide. We are also proud to provide engineering and maintenance services that fuel long-lasting and mutually rewarding relationships. We have partnered with our metal finishing customers to understand their need to not only to produce product perfection, but deliver rectifier solutions on time.


  • Dynapower offers extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities which enable us to supply custom power conversion solutions.
  • Extensive on-site Engineering Department to support both developing and maintaining standard designs as well as creating custom rectifier solutions.
  • US-based manufacturing facility
  • Worldwide site service with factory trained technicians
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Remote monitoring
  • Intuitive process controllers
  • CE/CSA and third-party design and labeled products
  • National Association Surface Finishing (NASF) Premier Sponsor

What Our Customer Partners Say

Samsung SDI is the world leader in Li-ion battery technology, and specifically for stationary energy storage applications, and it is only fitting that we integrate our batteries with Dynapower’s leading inverter technology.

Fabrice Hudry
VP of Energy Storage Solutions
Samsung SDI

This has truly been a great experience for us here at Bosch to work with Dynapower Company. I appreciated how every member of your team was eager to help and really worked together with us to get this project to a success.

Ram Subbaraman
Senior Engineer


The assistance and technical expertise provided by Dynapower has allowed us to accelerate our internal knowledge of energy storage and get us to market faster and in a better position for future energy storage installations.

Josh Castonguay
Chief Innovation Executive
Green Mountain Power

Industrial Team

Dev Massimi
Sales Manager Industrial
James Kloeckener
Sales Engineer
Christy Kavanaugh
Sales & Applications Engineer
Ernest Bragg III
Sales Associate
Mark Desantis
Senior Sales Engineer

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We’re always interested in new metal finishing rectifier projects, large or small. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your current or future project needs.

To contact us, please call (800) 292-6792 or send us an e-mail.

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