Delay or Eliminate Costly Transmission and Distribution Upgrades With Energy Storage

Energy storage can be used to delay costly transmission and distribution (T&D) upgrades. T&D deferral is an ideal application for energy storage because a small amount of storage can result in the delay or avoidance of a costly T&D upgrade. Consider the scenario where a distribution circuit is experiencing load growth and next year’s peak is expected to exceed the circuit rating. The distribution company can install a relatively small battery energy storage system to provide additional generation near the loads on peak days and avoid a costly upgrade. Dynapower’s CPS line of energy storage inverters is designed for high reliability and utilization in T&D deferral projects using energy storage.


Compact Power Systems energy storage inverters for frequency regulation ,renewable integration, transmission and distribution defferal

Compact Power Systems®

Dynapower is the industry leader in energy storage inverters installed, with over 375 MWs deployed worldwide. Each feature Dynapower’s Dynamic Transfer™ technology, allowing for the seamless switch between grid tied mode and grid forming.

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BTM-250 500kW/ 250 kW Energy Storage System utility scale energy inverters Integrated Power Systems

Integrated Power Systems

Optimized for behind-the-meter energy storage applications, the BTM-250 is a fully integrated energy storage system that utilizes Dynapower’s proprietary Dynamic Transfer™ algorithm to monitor grid stability.

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