Delay or Eliminate Costly Transmission & Distribution Upgrades With Energy Storage

Energy storage can be used to delay costly transmission and distribution (T&D) upgrades. T&D deferral is an ideal application for energy storage, because a small amount of storage can result in the delay or avoidance of a costly T&D upgrade. Consider the scenario where a distribution circuit is experiencing load growth and next year’s peak is expected to exceed the circuit rating. The distribution company can install a relatively small battery energy storage system to provide additional generation near the loads on peak days and avoid a costly upgrade. Dynapower’s CPS line of energy storage inverters is design for high reliability and utilization in T&D deferral projects using energy storage.


Compact Power Systems

Dynapower is the industry leader in utility scale inverters installed with over 230 deployed worldwide. Each feature the industry leading technology of Dynamic Transfer.

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Solar Plus Storage

With industry leading features and including all hardware the SPS is an economical choice for solar projects combining storage.

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Integrated Systems

Integrated battery and inverter solutions. Modular and containerized for ease of installation.

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