Save Money and Optimize Uptime with Backup Power

With the proliferation of behind-the-meter energy storage installations, typically for the purpose of demand response, end users are expecting backup power for their energy storage installations. Backup power is well understood application as the traditional UPS market continues to grow in all segments from residential to industrial. The purpose of combining backup power with other use cases is to avoid the duplication of onsite equipment. Unlike a traditional UPS the energy storage installation can be used for demand reduction, in conjunction with backup power. Dynapower’s MPS series of behind-the-meter energy storage inverters utilize our proprietary Dynamic Transfer functionality to seamlessly transition from grid-tied to grid-forming mode.


Micro Power Systems

Dynapower has designed its MPS line of inverters with back up power in mind. With proprietary industry leading Dynamic Transfer the MPS line of inverters is able to switch seamlessly between grid tied mode and grid forming.

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Solar Plus Storage

Designed to maximize solar generation revenue streams, the SPS line of inverters is built for easy, low cost installation and high efficiency.

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Integrated  Systems

A completely containerized solution ideally suited for backup power at schools, stadiums, municipal buildings and congested areas. Featuring Dynapower’s proprietary Dynamic Transfer technology, the IPS is able to seamlessly transition from grid tied to grid forming mode.

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