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Dynapower leads the industry with over 300 MWs of energy storage inverters installed worldwide. The Dynapower Energy Storage Group (ESG) works on the forefront of energy storage to develop energy storage inverters for utilities, commercial and industrial facilities, microgrids, integrators, battery manufacturers and all manner of public and private initiatives.

Dynapower energy storage inverters are certified worldwide and have been deployed with all major battery types including Lithium-Ion, Lead Acid, and flow.


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Demand Response

Commercial and industrial customers can use battery energy storage to significantly reduce their electricity demand changes.

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Frequency Regulation

Battery storage is the optimal technology to maintain high power quality through frequency regulation on the grid.

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Backup Power

Combining backup power with behind-the-meter demand reduction installations maximizes value of energy storage installations.

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Microgrids with energy storage help island nations ditch diesel generators, C & I facilities weather outages, and utilities secure the grid.

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Renewables Integration

Battery energy storage is the ideal solution to integrate and stabilize the intermittent generating resources of wind and solar on the grid.

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T & D Deferral

Energy storage is an effective means of putting off or eliminating costly transmission and distribution upgrades of the grid for utilities.

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US-based inhouse engineering
Inhouse US-based Manufacturing


Dynapower’s line of energy storage inverters create and improve energy storage solutions. We also provide engineering and maintenance services that fuel long-lasting and mutually rewarding relationships. We work with our partners to understand their energy storage inverter needs — whether custom or standard — to not only deliver on product perfection but deliver on time, which is crucial to success in a highly competitive energy storage market.

  • BANKABLE — we have been the leading independent supplier of power conversion solutions for over 50 years.
  • RELIABLE — with the leading up time in the industry and a dedicated team of service technicians we provide 24/7 technical phone support and a team of Dynapower techs dispatchable at a moment’s notice.
  • EXPERIENCED — with over 300 MWS of energy storage inverters installed worldwide we have the experience and expertise you can trust.
  • COST EFFECTIVE — the reliability and efficiency of our inverters coupled with our industry leading service and integrated product offerings not only save you money on installations but will make you more money in the long term.
  • PASSIONATE — we care deeply about solving the world’s most complex energy storage problems, and providing our customers with the best solution possible.


Utility Scale

A full range of utility scale inverters from 500 KW to 2200 KW that can be scaled to meet the needs of any utility-scale energy storage installation.

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Purpose built for behind-the-meter applications the MPS line features an industry leading low acoustic signature, peak efficiency and ease of installation/scaling.

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Solar Plus Storage

Designed to maximize solar generation revenue streams, the SPS line of inverters is built for easy, low cost installation and high efficiency.

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Integrated System

Containerized, rugged, mobile solution featuring Dynapower energy storage inverters coupled with any of the industry’s leading batteries.

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What Our Customer Partners Say

Samsung SDI is the world leader in Li-ion battery technology, and specifically for stationary energy storage applications, and it is only fitting that we integrate our batteries with Dynapower’s leading inverter technology.

Fabrice Hudry
VP of Energy Storage Solutions
Samsung SDI

This has truly been a great experience for us here at Bosch to work with Dynapower Company. I appreciated how every member of your team was eager to help and really worked together with us to get this project to a success.

Ram Subbaraman
Senior Engineer


The assistance and technical expertise provided by Dynapower has allowed us to accelerate our internal knowledge of energy storage and get us to market faster and in a better position for future energy storage installations.

Josh Castonguay
Chief Innovation Executive
Green Mountain Power

ESG Team

Chip Palombini
Sales Manager
Chris Larsen
Sales Engineer
Robyn Pratt
Sales Support
Apurva Somani, Ph.D.
Electronics and Controls Engineer
Gysler Castelino, Ph.D.
Electronics and Controls Engineer
Jerrald Ogle
Sr. Electrical Design Engineer
Picture of Dynapower employee Anup Thapa
Anup Thapa
Electronics and Controls Engineer
Picture of Dynapower employee Andy Feltus
Andy Feltus
Electronics and Controls Engineer
Don Gill
Engineering Manager
Picture of Dynapower employee Kevin Bushway
Kevin Bushway
Technical Support
Picture of Dynapower employee Pat Carroll
Pat Carrol
Lead Field Service Technician
Picture of Dynapower employee Roger Silva
Roger Silva
Sr. Project Manager

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