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Military-Grade Power Electronics

Serving and Powering the United States Military Worldwide

Dynapower’s Military group is dedicated to supporting our US Defense Agencies, Primes, and Small Business entities with military-grade power electronics. With a full complement of engineering staff — electrical, mechanical & testing — and a fully developed 150,000 square foot vertically integrated manufacturing facility, Dynapower provides design, development, manufacturing, testing, and program management. This ensures your requirements are fulfilled for any provided requirements or Statements of Work (SOW) for your military-grade power electronics.

Unlike many competitors who only offer catalog products, Dynapower wants to earn your business by offering highly customized solutions to suit any of your military-grade power electronics needs. We are eager to get involved with your programs by designing and providing the best power conversion solution possible. We offer standard and custom products to meet your exact program needs. Whether it be for a single unit prototype, a design, or a bid and build program with full rate production requirements, you can trust Dynapower’s technologies.

A Sampling of Military-Grade Power Electronics Provided to US Military Installations:

  • Voltage Regulator Systems – US Navy Facilities
  • T-AKE Main Power Transformers – US Navy Ship Services
  • LHD-8 Transformers – US Navy Onboard Propulsion
  • LHA-6, 7 & 8 – US Navy Onboard Propulsion
  • 400 Hz Solid State Frequency Converters – Aircraft Support & Service
  • DC Support Systems — For Tank Training Facilities
  • DC Shore Power – On Board DC Equipment
  • DC Ground Power – Aircraft Starting
  • Magnetic Silencing Facilities – Surface and Drive-in Magnetic Silencing
  • 50/60 Hz Conversion Systems – Embassy Facilities
  • Rectifiers – MCLB for Motor Starting

Dynapower has, and will, continue to support full military-proposed specification compliance when requested via a Statement of Work and agreement between the customer and Dynapower for:

  • Human Factors
  • Transportation
  • Sand / Dust / Humidity
  • MILSTD Requirements
  • CDRLs / SDRLs (Data Items & Reports)
  • FAT’s, ATP compliance
  • Temperature range

For Further Information on Capabilities and Experience

Please contact James Barbero at jbarbero@dynapower.com or submit a request for a quote.



SAM (System of Award Management)
Compliant and Registered Cage: 24970

Compliant where required/requested

Certification #M26785


Brazing Processes
Raytheon Approved Supplier Listing — AWS C3.4,

Welding Processes
Raytheon Approved Supplier – Stainless Steel Welding Certification to D 1.6


High Power Rectifiers Anodizing Rectifier Plating Rectifiers custom and standard rectifier solutions military-grade power electronics

Solid State SCR

With over 50 years years of experience in the industry, Dynapower is the leading independent manufacturer of custom and standard SCR power supplies. With both air and water-cooled configurations, Dynapower’s SCR units are built to endure the harshest environments. With unbeatable reliability, Dynapower equipment is trusted worldwide for the most advanced military applications.

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high power rectifier Custom Transformers

Custom Transformers

Our transformer products are custom designed to suit your overall system needs. All of our transformers are wound using copper conductors and core steel is cut in house. At our vertically integrated facility, these transformers are designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with ANSI and IEEE standards, but other standards can also be considered as required by individual customers.

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dynapower products mps-250b

Energy Storage Systems

With state of the art digital controls for system monitoring and protection, Dynapower’s line of bi-directional energy storage inverters are built for use with energy storage systems ranging from 100kW to 2.5MW.

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Dynapower Water-Cooled Switchmode Power Supplies

Switchmode Power Supplies

Offering both air-cooled and water-cooled options, Dynapower’s switchmode power supplies have been optimized to offer a high efficiency and low ripple in a compact package to maximize users’ space and cost savings.

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We’re always interested in new military projects, large or small. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for your current or future project needs.

To contact us, please call (802) 860-7200 or email jbarbero@dynapower.com or

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