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CALL US TODAY (802) 860-7200

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Green Hydrogen Solutions

As your organization considers the right type of power supply for your hydrogen electrolyzer, it’s important to understand two critical factors:

  1. What impact your decision has on the Balance of Plant systems such as, grid harmonics, power quality impacts, and power factor correction.
  2. How the manufacturing process affects the quality of the end product – and what affect using your power supply has on your business.

Success with your hydrogen electrolyzer depends on selecting a partner to help manage your power supply throughout their lifecycle.

IGBT Boost Rectifiers

Thyristor Rectifiers


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You’re getting ready to invest a lot of money into scaling your production up. We want to make sure you have all the relevant information to make the best decision so you don’t make the wrong choice.

What does the “right” decision mean? While there are a few different ways to accomplish this from an engineering perspective, there are far fewer options that will allow you to scale your production up quickly and profitably.

We are committed to helping you make the best decision on an initial design that will lead the strongest strategy to then scale that application up in an efficient and effective way.


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Selecting the right power supply:

How to determine the right configuration for your project

Green Hydrogen:

A Solution to Decarbonization


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