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Chemical Production

Rectifiers and Control Upgrades for Chlorine and Hydrogen Production

High Power Thyristor, Chopper, and SCR Rectifiers

Dynapower is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of medium and high power rectifiers for chemical production. With experience in power conversion since the commercialization of the thyristor, Dynapower has designs that cover all topologies and applications. In addition to Dynapower rectifiers, we also maintain the exclusive rights for the manufacturing and service of all products designed and manufactured by Rapid Power Technologies.

Dynapower rectifiers are engineered, designed, manufactured, and tested to internationally recognized standards including ANSI, IEEE, IEC, NEMA, UL, CSA, and JEC. Our design capabilities include the complete Transformer Rectifier System – inclusive of fully integrated operator interfaces and control systems for a single unit or entire multi-unit SCADA network. With over 50 years of experience in high power conversion, Dynapower evaluates the impact of the rectifier system on the incoming power grid and designs power factor correction and harmonic filtering for the application to maximize system efficiency. Using the latest rectifier technologies, application engineers can recommend the optimum rectifier configuration for any chemical production project.

Dynapower also recognizes that maintaining the efficiency of your long-lasting rectifiers is crucial to the bottom line. That is why we offer digital control upgrades for any high power rectifier system – so our partners can maximize the return on their initial capital equipment investment.



Custom High Power Rectifier Systems dynapower products custom and standard rectifier solutions Thyristor Rectifiers


Dynapower designs and manufacturers high power rectifiers for large applications. These are available in 6, 12, 18 and 24 pulse sets with higher order combined systems available. Each multi-pulse arrangement is in an ANSI configuration that is selected for the voltage/current values of the application. The multi-pulse criteria is selected to reduce the supply side harmonic content, reduce output DC ripple, and provide improved regulation.

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High Power Rectifiers Anodizing Rectifier Plating Rectifiers custom and standard rectifier solutions

Solid State SCR

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Dynapower is the leading independent manufacturer of custom and standard SCR power supplies. With both air and water-cooled configurations, Dynapower’s SCR units are built to last and endure the harshest environments. With unbeatable reliability, Dynapower technologies are trusted worldwide for the most advanced and complex chemical production processes.

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High Power Rectifiers Control Upgrades

Control Upgrades

Dynapower recognizes that purchasing new high power rectifiers can be a costly proposition for any  enterprise. That is why we offer control upgrades to legacy high power rectifiers to improve their efficiency, uptime, and extend the life of the rectifier itself. In addition to providing digital control upgrades to Dynapower and Rapid high power rectifiers, Dynapower offers system evaluations and control upgrades for all major manufacturers of high power rectifiers.

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