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Solar Plus Storage


Energy storage coupled with solar can maximize the potential of utility-scale solar installations by turning solar energy into a dispatchable asset for the installation owners. It also enables the safe integration of solar power into the electric grid, and provides valuable grid resiliency for commercial and industrial facilities. Dynapower makes solar plus storage easy and economical with energy storage inverters, DC converters and fully-integrated energy storage systems designed to maximize utility-scale solar.

For applications connecting utility and commercial battery energy storage and solar, Dynapower offers both DC-Coupled and AC-Coupled solutions and systems for energy storage.

The DPS family of DC converters, available in 250kW and 500kW building blocks, allows for the coupling of utility-scale solar with energy storage on the DC-side of the bus. The economically favorable approach lowers the cost of installing energy storage alongside utility-scale solar while also allowing for the greater harvesting of PV energy to boost revenues.

For instances where an AC-coupled approach is desirable, Dynapower offers the CPS® family of utility grade, bi-directional inverters, and fully integrated energy storage systems to integrate utility-scale and commercial solar with energy storage as well.

To learn more about the options available for solar plus energy storage systems, including AC-coupled, DC-coupled, and hybrid systems, download our Solar Plus Storage System Comparison whitepaper.

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Let Dynapower Model Your Utility-Scale PV Installation for Energy Storage

System Sizing and Monetary Modelling

Dynapower can assist you in analyzing your installation to see which approach — AC or DC-Coupled — for adding energy storage to your utility-scale solar installation provides the greatest return on your investment.

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Front of the Meter Energy Storage

The CPS®-i is a fully integrated utility-scale AC-coupled energy storage system optimized for utility-scale solar plus storage applications.

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Dynapower DC-coupled Solar Plus Storage System

DC Coupled Energy Storage

The DPS-i500 is a UL-listed 500kW utility-scale fully integrated DC-Coupled energy storage system optimized for solar plus storage applications.

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MPS®-i125 EHV
Behind the Meter Energy Storage

The MPS®-i125 EHV is a fully-integrated energy storage system that couples Dynapower’s MPS-125 kW inverter with Li-Ion batteries in 1, 2, 4 and 6-hour configurations.

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