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Frequency Regulation

Energy Storage Inverters for Frequency Regulation

In order to maintain high power quality, the frequency of the electric grid must be maintained within tight tolerances. Frequency regulation is primarily achieved by ramping, up or down, generators in order to balance generation with the load. There are a variety of technologies that can be used to achieve a balanced grid, however, battery energy storage is the optimal technology. Dynapower’s CPS line of utility scale energy storage inverters are ideal to provide frequency regulation services due to their ultra-fast response time and proven reliability. Our customers have relied on Dynapower’s experience to successfully deploy over 500 MWs energy storage solutions for frequency regulation projects worldwide.

Compact Power Systems energy storage inverters for frequency regulation


Compact Power Systems®

Dynapower is the industry leader in energy storage inverters installed, with over 500 MWs deployed worldwide. Each inverter features Dynapower’s proprietary Dynamic Transfer™ technology, allowing for the seamless switch between grid tied and grid forming mode.

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