Reduce Demand Charges with Energy Storage

Commercial and industrial (C&I) customers can use battery energy storage to significantly reduce their electricity demand changes. Demand charges reflect the peak power demand (kW) during the month, as opposed to the amount of energy (kWh) used over the course of the month.  Energy storage installed behind-the-meter at a customer site can be discharged at times of peak demand to avoid or reduce costly demand charges. Dynapower’s fully integrated MPS®-i125 EHV energy storage system and MPS® series of behind-the-meter energy storage inverters are ideal for C&I customers with their ease of integration, low acoustic footprint, and compact size. Project developers and energy storage system integrators rely on Dynapower’s energy storage solutions for C&I projects to lower energy costs by reducing demand charges for the end user.

backup power application example


MPS® Line of Inverters

Purpose built for behind-the-meter applications, the MPS® line of inverters features a low acoustic signature, peak efficiency and easy installation.

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MPS®-125 EHV Energy Storage System

The MPS®-125 EHV is a fully-integrated energy storage system that couples Dynapower’s MPS-125 EHV 125 kW inverter with Samsung batteries in 2, 4 and 6-hour configurations.

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