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Energy Storage for EV Charging

Fast Charging For Your Customer. The Most Profitable Application For You.

EV Charging Solutions

The production of electric vehicles is exponentially expanding and will continue to do so for many years to come. Multiple car manufacturers have committed to rolling out several new all-electric car lines. Some have even committed to a fully-electric, gasoline-free lineup in the not too distant future.

As gas stations started to spring up and roll across the nation in the early twentieth century, EV-charging stations will follow a similar path in the twenty-first century.

The two major questions related to this rollout are:

  1. How quickly will the grid adapt to this increased need for more electricity?
  2. How can you rollout your own EV-charging station strategy in the most profitable way?

No matter how you approach your production strategy, EV charging stations are capital intensive on the front-end. However, some key decisions you make about your technical components will determine how profitable your charging station is throughout its life.

Fast charging stations with spikes and peaks will strain the electrical infrastructure and require costly restringing of larger conductors with low utilization rates. Energy storage allows you to buffer the peaks of DC charging and use more locally produced energy.

MPS-125 Energy Storage Inverter

Image 1

MPS-250 Energy Storage Inverter

Image 2

Fully Integrated Energy Storage Systems


Solutions That Enable The Fastest Charging

Optimal Power Delivery & Flexibility To Drive Profit

Scalable Solutions For Your Expansion

How to capitalize on investing in your energy storage strategy

While there are costs associated with both upgrading the transmission lines to your facility and implementing energy storage, only energy storage creates additional revenue streams for your operation, along with other benefits:

Transmission Line UpgradeEnergy Storage Strategy
Initial investment requiredYESYES
Facility up & running fastNOYES
Reduce demand chargesNOYES
Avoid utility surge pricingNOYES
Sell power back to gridNOYES
Power when grid is downNOYES
Cost-effective scalabilityNOYES


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Energy Storage for EV Charging Stations:

Creating the most profitable EV charging station strategy


Connecting Power to Clean Transportation


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